Monday, 13 June 2011

Day 13, Me with 13 things

I am miserable today. Stupendously, wonderfully miserable. Even the pink fluffy clouds right outside my window can't bring me out of this funk. They whisper at me that dreamland is out there if only I'm willing to come out and play. And instead I huddle further into myself and blink back tears. I had a near panic attack while grocery shopping today, even while wearing my brightest and most cheerful clothes. So I decided for this that I will post 13 things that usually make me very happy.

1. New chunky scarf and paisley kaftan

2. Pink tights, black ballet flats

3. Pink tights, pink metallic ballet flats

4. Silver ballet flats

5. Black patent stilettos

6. Red patent T-bar stilettos

7. Black booties, pink tights, last ray of sunshine

8. Pink tights, swirly kaftan

9. Buckled mules.

10. Spotty

11. Lacy peeptoes with a velveteen bow

12. patent red stilettos

13. Bingley's jacket

It didn't work.


Nina said...

Your bright clothes inspire me! Do you wear those tights out? And do you get many comments? Love the pink tights/red heels combo.

Jenn said...

Yes! Sometimes you need colour in your life :)

Nina said...

Very true. I've been playing around with brightly coloured scarves but might give the stockings a shot too. Maybe on the weekend... not brave enough for work yet!


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