The Tub List

A comprehensive, ever evolving list of all the things I think of that I want to do some day.

  1. See the Northern Lights
  2. Eat pasta in the open air in Italy
  3. Stand on Pulpit Rock in Norway
  4. See Macchu Picchu
  5. Take my kids to see snow
  6. Learn how to ski
  7. Buy my own car
  8. Trek the Himalayas
  9. Trek Peru
  10. Speak Spanish in South America
  11. Visit the Alhambra
  12. Sleep overnight in a small boat
  13. See Guatemala and the Mayan Temples
  14. See the rice terraces of the Philippines
  15. Go to Paris
  16. Climb to the top of Sacre Coeur
  17. Buy shoes in Paris
  18. Go to London, buy something to wear
  19. Take a balloon ride over Cappadocia
  20. Ditto the Loire
  21. Go to Oktoberfest, wear a dirndl
  22. Sketch in Florence
  23. Use a butter lamp in Mongolia
  24. Go back to China
  25. Get my IB in French
  26. Learn to play violin
  27. Get married in Vegas
  28. Sit on a donkey in the Grand Canyon
  29. Drive Route 66
  30. Visit PEI
  31. Bungee jump, just once
  32. Climb Kilimanjaro 
  33. Go on Safari
  34. Speak French in Paris
  35. Visit a night market
  36. Eat street food in Thailand
  37. Visit a floating market
  38. Ride a bike around Ayutthaya
  39. Visit the Angkor temples
  40. See the Ellora caves
  41. Stay in Jodhpur
  42. See the cherry blossoms in Japan
  43. See the wildflowers in Western Australia
  44. Dive for pearls in Broome
  45. Buy an opal in Coober Pedy
  46. Drive from Darwin to Alice
  47. See Lake Eyre when it floods
  48. See a show on Broadway
  49. Take a cruise to Antarctica
  50. Visit Vienna
  51. Ride a gondola in Venice
  52. See Pompeii
  53. Take a cruise down the Nile
  54. See Angel Falls 
  55. See Victoria Falls 
  56. See Niagara Falls from both sides
  57. Go to Taiwan
  58. Buy something electronic in South Korea 
  59. Visit Petra
  60. Make love on a beach on an isolated Greek Island
  61. Eat olives in the sun on a terrace with whitewashed walls and bare feet
  62. Visit Victoria, BC
  63. Go to Disneyworld and Universal Studios
  64. Visit New Orleans
  65. Have a mojito in Cuba, dance badly
  66. See Giza at dawn and dusk, take a cheesy photo
  67. Go to Marrakesh, try camel
  68. Visit Provence
  69. Visit the Roquefort caves
  70. Go to the Yarra Valley, drink cider
  71. Go to Finland
  72. Buy a house
  73. Read everything on the book list
  74. Sit on a beach in Sri Lanka
  75. Buy a Sari in Delhi
  76. Ride a train to Agra
  77. Go to an Opera at Palais Garnier 
  78. Eat a cupcake in Central Park
  79. Take a horse and cart ride through central park
  80. Have a picnic in Hyde Park
  81. Sleep in a tiny cottage with a thatched roof and roses over the door
  82. Build a library with a desk in the middle and an easel 
  83. See Ophelia
  84. Look at the roof of the Sistine Chapel
  85. Pray in the Vatican, light a candle for Nana
  86. See the Ecstacy of St Theresa
  87. Gaze at the Trevi Fountain
  88. Eat a crepe from a stall in Paris
  89. Visit Boston in the Fall
  90. Grow my hair 
  91. Get a pedicure with nail polish and leave it there for more than a day
  92. Pierce my ears again
  93. Get my tattoo
  94. Swim in a natural pool in Hawaii
  95. Go outlet shopping in Hawaii
  96. Eat at a 3 Michelin Star restaurant
  97. See Edinburgh castle
  98. Visit Valencia
  99. Learn some words in Basque
  100. Visit Andorra 
  101. Pick lavender in Provence
  102. Fly Business class
  103. Take a ride on the Orient Express
  104. Go to the Barossa Valley
  105. Buy a little house in the Hinterland, plant a cottage garden
  106. Own an alpaca
  107. Build an outdoor fireplace
  108. Visit the castles in Portugal
  109. Walk in the rain in Seattle
  110. Wear an amazing dress in Monaco, visit a Casino
  111. Test drive a Ferrari at Modena
  112. Visit the reed islands on Titicaca
  113. Get my passport stamped in Ecuador
  114. Drink in Slovenia
  115. Swim in Croatia
  116. Have a cocktail at a rooftop bar
  117. Eat street food in Vietnam, then go to a bakery
  118. Ride a scooter in Laos
  119. Buy gold in Malaysia
  120. Visit the theme park in Brunei
  121. See a Komodo Dragon in the wild
  122. Visit the Falkland Islands
  123. Eat steak in Argentina
  124. Swim at Copacabana
  125. See the favelas
  126. Volunteer with MSF or similar
  127. Get a stamp in my passport from Liechtenstein
  128. Visit St Petersberg and Moscow, drink Vodka
  129. Travel through Latvia and Estonia
  130. Visit the castles of the Rhine
  131. Eat Black Forest Cake in the Black Forest
  132. Visit Bonn and Berlin, take photos of the wall
  133. Stand on the beach at Normady
  134. Take the Chunnel
  135. Spend a month in the UK, spend more time than anticipated in Wales
  136. Find the bridge with the really long name
  137. Go to the Isle of Mann
  138. Stand on the rock of Gibraltar
  139. Sail in a tall ship
  140. Take a ride on a longtail boat
  141. Wear a full kimono
  142. Go to Mongolia
  143. Trek through Tibet, meditate in a stupa
  144. Buy a prayer flag in Kathmandu
  145. Trek to Base Camp
  146. Buy a 4 poster bed
  147. Buy a typewriter, the old kind
  148. Eat waffles in Belgium, find the park in Brussels
  149. Find the perfect red coat
  150. Take a boat ride along the Amazon
  151. Ride an elephant
  152. See a lion in the wild
  153. See a sugar glider
  154. Visit the Harry Potter theme park
  155. Have something published 
  156. Perform CPR and it works
  157. Put my hair in pin curls
  158. Whisper at the whispering wall
  159. Walk through the Forbidden City
  160. Stay in an overwater bungalow
  161. Plant the red trees in the Blue Mountains so that Autumn is awash with colour
  162. Go to Burma
  163. Post a secret
  164. Swim in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland
  165. Stomp across the Moors when it's bitterly cold
  166. Be brave enough to Scuba Dive
  167. Dive the ruins in the Mediterranean
  168. Try Livarot
  169. Own a pair of Louboutins
  170. Make a soufflé
  171. Mykonos
  172. Drive the hairpin turns through the French Alps in an open topped car
  173. Take a photo of the reflection of the sky at the lake of the Moon
  174. See the hand of the desert in the Atacama
  175. Own a red umbrella
  176. And red gum boots
  177. Ride in a tuk tuk
  178. Amsterdam
  179. Stonehenge
  180. Kiss the Blarney stone
  181. Buy a new lens
  182. Budapest
  183. Quebec
  184. Ste Chapelle
  185. See Renoir at the Musée d'Orsay
  186. The Acropolis
  187. Interlaken
  188. South Island of New Zealand
  189. See the Redwood forests in California
  190. Trolley car in San Francisco
  191. Duomo in Milan
  192. Hire a tiny Fiat and drive around Tuscany, eating bread and cheese and prosciutto
  193. Make love under a waterfall
  194. Budapest
  195. Easter Island
  196. The Galapagos
  197. Norwegian Fjords
  198. Iguazu Falls
  199. Chateau d'Ussé
  200. Catch a train to Antwerp
  201. Run across the Gaiola bridge in Naples
  202. Eat at the underwater restaurant in the Maldives
  203. Take a cheesy photo at the tower of Pisa
  204. Go to Phi Phi and Phang-Nga bay in Thailand 
  205. Zhangjiajie
  206. Slovakia to see Bojnice City
  207. Taj Mahal at sunrise
  208. Bridge of the Immortals in the mist
  209. Ride a Steam Train in Scotland
  210. Caves in Slovenia
  211. Go fishing in the Northern Territory
  212. Drive the Great Ocean Road
  213. Stay in Cradle Mountain Lodge (while it's snowing)
  214. Be in India for Diwali
  215. Be in Hong Kong for Chinese New Year
  216. Have a white Christmas
  217. Sketch Rodin's Cathedral Hands
  218. Hike Huayna Picchu
  219. Make love in a field of flowers
  220. The Haiku Ladder
  221. Give someone one of my artworks as a gift

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