Tuesday, 29 May 2007

So cold

So cold
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Is it just me or has someone reminded Mother Nature that it is Winter in a few days? It's gone VERY cold around here lately. Well cold for Brisbane anyway very wet and drab and cool drafts under doors. Lucky I like Winter!

Off to the gym in half an hour though so that should warm me up. Am loving the gym at the moment. It is very relaxing (in a painful sort of way). Love my pilates class that is streghtening my back. Love my pump classes that are stregthening my shoulders and back. Love my Cardio sessions where I get to watch terrible terrible TV like Australia's next top model and some Janice d*ckenson show where I spend the whole time trying not to giggle at her bizarre plastic surgeried face. (Shuddup, surgeried is so a word). It's one of the highlights of my day.

I have decided that for my next goal my reward will be a proper haircut again. I am sick of looking "mumsy". I would love to buy more clothes but it seems a bit pointless to buy nice clothes for a size that I'm hoping not to stay at. (Look at that, ending a sentence with a preposition again! tsk tsk) I will have to buy new gym clothes soon though as they are starting to fall down. That sounds funny and exciting, but being as my scary white flesh is still not "toned" in any way shape or form, it's not a sight I wish to scare the tiny LJ clad ones with. (And again tsk tsk TSK notice however that I am not rewriting the sentence rofl).

I am having very stupid wavering emotions at the moment. VERY unhappy with myself. Saw photos of said self the other day and wanted to go crawl into a ditch. It's not that I look so fat, it's just an overall thing. Ugly, saggy, OLD. I'm 25 for f**ks sake! Can't keep walking around like a melting corpse bride. I hate being ugly. Have I mentioned that before? I am 25 and would still trade 30 IQ points for looks points. I live in fear that my babies will end up looking like me. That would be completely unfair for them.

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