Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Couch love

My gym has a range of specials on at the moment. Ridiculously good specials with offers thrown in left right and centre.

Do you know why they have these firesale clearance specials??

Because it's freaking cold and only idiots would leave the comfort of a cosy couch with obligatory doona and thick awful bedsocks to go out into that cold cold outside. I want to watch bad TV from the couch tucked up with a bowl of freshly made steaming apple crumble or bread and berry pudding and NCIS. Not getting chillblains on my butt. This cold fingerfreezing and nipple-crippling weather does not make me want to jump up and cycle my little legs off.

But, I'm a masochist, and in pursuit of the non-jiggling tattoo-marked dream* and keep dragging myself out against my better judgement. I'm glad I go, in a smug, isn't it good that I'm out and moving my body way... but dammit the couch looks mighty fine.

*can't remember if I've mentioned it but my reward for reaching impossible goal weight is to finally and permanently disfigure my skin. Can't hardly wait!

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