Tuesday, 6 November 2007

22 things you didn't know about me...

Totally lifted from the gorgeous Kisses

1. I love reading children's books not limited to but including Harry Potter

2. I sang Soprano and Alto for various choirs when I was in highschool

3. I have very very small hands and wrists

4. I love terrible movies and deliberately make dates with friends so we can cack ourselves over the worst Hollywood has to offer

5. I love performance vehicles

6. I have very very long eyelashes that are naturally black

7. My eyes change colour when I'm happy, sad or angry

8. I have read almost all of Agatha Christie's books

9. I love the sensation of suffusing warmth after 2 glasses of wine

10. Every time I hear certain songs I cry

11. Every time I hear other certain songs I feel very *happy*

12. I love the smell of DH straight from the shower - he has used the same bodywash since the first time I smelt him fresh from a shower

13. I have only had about 10 professional haircuts in my life

14. I hate people touching my feet

15. I bite my nails until they bleed

16. I used to slice my palms with my Swiss Army Knife just to feel the sting

17. I wear long pyjama pants all year round

18. I love eating a cold mango straight from the fridge

19. My favourite fruit is muscatel grapes

20. I would get blue foils if I could be bothered with the upkeep

21. I am afraid that if I get a tattoo I will like it so much I won't be able to stop

22. I regularly check with Google to see if "Cities of Gold" has been released on DVD


Kisses said...

Why don't you wanna meet me??!! I'm sorry. If I actually read Harry Potter I'd probably get it. But I'm just sitting back in judgement for now ya know. As ya do. Well I do. Sometimes.. Don't be mad at me.. (Would you like some cheese with that "whine"? Ha ha - that's what Greg said to me tonight)

I was going to write more stuff along the lines of what you mentioned about yourself - one was that I have really long nail beds - they never look short even when there isn't any extra nail, another was that I sometimes lighten my extremely black eyebrows! And that I love the smell of the Coconut Radox stuff Greg uses in the shower (weird hey)
But I'm just not with ya on the kiddies books ;P xx

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Cities of Gold... On YouTube there are snippets of episodes here and there - the DVDs are available in Spain... do you speak spanish? lol

Another Harry Potter fan here - its right up there with Greys Anatomy in the uncool things I love - oh! the bliss of escapism into other peoples worlds, hey? xx

Jenn said...

hehe I love variety packs of cereal and Disney movies too! I also love Anne of Green Gables and have full sets of Trixie Belden and ROald Dahl books to give the girls amongst others.

I was just joshing though - of course I want to meet you! It's the meeting me bit that may be undewhelming! (will hide the coco pops before I see you)

Jenn said...

Tiffany I speak Spanish but it's just not the same!!! I need to have it in English. Surely it will turn up soon, the internet hasn't failed me yet!

Anonymous said...

LOL - I have a copy plated Anne of Green Gables Book and all three DVDs of the miniseries - Trixie Belden Rocks and I used to have all the books (I have a friend who has them all and I am trying to convince her to sell them to me!)

Have fun meeting Kisses... I can't wait to hear how it goes! If I know kisses it will be cuppas and rochers and long chats... although for the sake of hospitality, maybe she'll whip up some choclate crackles - she's great at that sort of thing!

Kisses said...

Hey, there's nothing wrong with chocolate crackles....if you're making them for a kids party!!

You two girls need to get together with Vanilla and have a big Anne of Green Gables marathon, you can get all misty eyed over Gil while I pass around a platter of fairy bread and top up your red cordia.. I mean wine! I'll try to act very unentertained while suggesting that I'm about to throw up into my mouth. wink wink.

Nuh, really, you could do whatever you want, I'd just be happy to be in the company of such yummy girls.

I think it'd be fun to give you some hot chilli red foils and then introduce you to the best tattooist in town - you'd love it!

Kisses said...

PS - I didn't join facebook - it was GREG, I told him facebook was for stalkers. But now that I know you're on there I'm going to join up, I know your surname after all..see I told you it's for stalkers..

Anonymous said...

Ah!!! Gil!!!! (sigh! moon!!!)


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