Friday, 14 December 2007

That's not Santa!

Yesterday was the Monkey's daycare Christmas party, complete with party food, balloons and the ubiquitous Santa. Now Santa usually conjures up an image of a rotund elderly man with a jolly laugh full of ho ho ho's. Unfortunately for our little community run daycare centre, the task usually befalls the President of the Committee... which happens to be my very young, very un-rotund husband. Children screamed, others clamoured to sit on his lap - flashbulbs popped aplenty, but love him as I do he did not a believeable Santa make.

Add to this issue that being as it is a big family day, everyone brings their other children, in our case the Elfling... A very astute little girl who realised within about 10 seconds that Santa was actually her father. ARGH. So we had a lot of questions about why Daddy was 'tending to be Santa and that very first expression flitting over her face of "maybe Santa isn't real". I could have cried because this is the first year that she has "got" Santa and Christmas so if it is spoiled already then I am going to be a gigantic sooky bum. Obviously I do not fall into the "Santa is a terrible lie to perpetuate to unsuspecting children" camp.

They had a lot of fun though, and the Monkey especially liked her present (a baby doll) while the Elfling was clearly jealous that she hadn't received one (she never plays with dolls). Sibling rivalry alive in well. Also, note to self, very important to give "fun" toys for one off Santa presents otherwise the child with the less "fun" toy will run off with the other's.

This weekend is looking ridiculously busy for us. I am off to the med ball tonight to drink as much alcohol as I can and celebrate with my friends at graduating while being sad that I am not. I haven't been to a ball in a long time so am looking forward to getting dressed up and actually allowing make-up to be introduced to my unsuspecting face.

That's similar to the dress that I'm wearing except mine is not a halter and the sash is thinner and black. I also am going to wear my hair down - still tossing up between tousled sexy and sleek and straight. New shoes too, I'm very excited!


Kisses said...

How did your "unsuspecting face" react to a bit of make-up? Ha ha - that's a funny one. Did you go with tousled or sleek? How's your head? I'm suppose to be going to a "Pink Party" tonight except I dunno if I'm game - on the invite, among other pink things like pink frocks and pink lipstick it mentions "pink bits" (cringe) and to leave your children and inhibitions at home! What the hell?? But you should see the shoes I've got in case! They are these hot pink oriental looking square toed sneakers, with a dragon embroidered onto them - deadly.

Ring me when you get here re Wednesday!! Don't forget my phone number!

Melissa said...

That's a fabulous dress!

Jenn said...
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