Monday, 10 March 2008

Waiting for the freakout

Which isn't here yet. I am starting to get concerned that I am not going to get enough time to go insane in and to use for my patented cramming method of *study*. I am sitting here, with textbooks neatly arranged beside me and not a single one open. I KNOW I have a lot to go through, but I haven't hit that adrenaline overdrive/ can't sleep panic that usually settles in about 3 days earlier than this. Going into an exam calm has always been the harbinger of doom for me and I am getting stressed that I am not stressed.

Logical no?

To get to the library today I had to take a detour through the convent. It is a beautiful building, steeped in history and still cloisters nuns away that work in the very tidy greenhouse to the side. Is it wrong of me to admit though that walking through the corridors I was having daydreams that were certainly not pious and holy (though God may have been mentioned)? Probably. But there you go. Any fantasies though all fled when I saw a nun stomping on a decent sized skink that was in the doorway. I wish I had followed my instinct which was to pick up the poor creature (it was still moving) and rebuke her, but noticing that the lizard's back was at a very odd angle I figured that it wasn't going to help anyone. I feel guilty though and my crucifix feels very heavy.

I am starting to feel either stressed or hungry now though so I am going to start on my list of activities for today. They include such joys as dysfunctional uterine bleeding and gynaecological infections. If anyone wants to distract me then I will marry them and have their babies. I am really not feeling up to this today.

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