Saturday, 26 April 2008

Why I gave up on gardening

I remember now why I gave up on the gardening in the first place - possums. These cute fluffy creatures have obviously decided that I am growing them an all you can eat smorgasboard and have been making use of our liberal door policy to make sure they really are getting their money's worth. In short the lettuces, tomatoes and strawberry have fallen as have the rosebuds. One valiant scarlet bloom is still bright against the greenery, and while I remain optimistic, there does surely come a time when you need to lick your wounds and concede defeat. On the tomatoes at least.

I have only 3 weeks to go now until this rotation is over and as much as the swoon-worthy letdown inducing (healthy!) newborns that I was examining on Thursday melted me the rest is hard. Not the good thought provoking hard but the bad hard - lots of work, grinding away at the study, and the kids themselves; beautiful, joyful kids with truly shiteous illnesses and injuries. Chatting away to a clever and articulate 8 year old with the most stunning blue eyes and the loveliest most attentive parents and knowing that they all know that she is living on borrowed time. The complete unfairness of having such a beautiful soul and mind trapped inside a body that just doesn't work. When I think of all the narrowminded, ignorant, spiteful people in the world with perfect bodies that they fill with chemicals and smoke it just makes me want to weep.

I want to do a post on the Monkey and the Elfling but I wanted to do the whinging separately. They are truly the golden lights that keep me going.

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