Tuesday, 24 June 2008


I'm at home today, suffering from the joy that is endometriosis armed with nurofen and panadol and carbohydrates. I had a lovely weekend past and have just started a new placement so should be there learning the ropes, but lying down with a hot laptop on my belly wins hands down today.

Saturday was spent having a family picnic up in the icy mountains before a bushwalk and obligatory fudge purchasing. The girls had a lovely time running around with rosy wind slapped cheeks and exploring hollowed out trees in our path with the Elfling desperately searching for fairies. The Monkey was so rugged up against the cold her arms stuck out like the Michelin Man but she had great fun running after the Elfling and being generally adorable.

Sunday we didn't do much besides take in turns sleeping after the Monkey had a terrible night.

Other than that I've been going to the gym, going to new hospital and trying to pretend to be smart again and devising up some fancy looking spreadsheets to track my gym habits and weight/centimetre loss. I'm a visual creature so I like having things in neat lists and graphical format. Much nicer than having the obligatory "fat photo" pinned to the fridge. Though if the carbohydrate cravings keep up it might become necessary.

I will add pictures (of graphs not me) once I have made them look nicer. I will also link my exercise timetable for the stupendously bored and/or nosy. I am trialling a block colour format so that my life can be increasingly colour coded. I am an ubernerd.

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Kisses said...

I'll be looking in - I need all the motivation I can get. Regained my 2 kilo's and am so slack I get sore butt muscles from washing the car!


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