Tuesday, 1 July 2008

The Monkey continues to be blase about her near escape from serious injury and spent her day today climbing with abandon, stopping only to put her tooth through her lip before jumping up again at full sprint. There is a REASON I am not carded at the bottle-o any more, my children think independence and daredevilness is a religion.

I have been quietly going to work as has LH, and the ELfling is at the beach with Mum and Dad. I hope she's having a nice time, but I suspect that the undivided attention combined with the beach as well as her general sense of adventure is keeping her well occupied. Dad's mobile is flat so I can't contact them right at the minute and I'm missing my biggest girl.

It's awfully cold tonight, and I'm tucked up with my laptop to warm up my belly as I download etax forms ready to submit... reading blogs and sniffling slightly in the cold. My legs are spasming slightly from both the punishing I gave them this afternoon at the gym and also from the cold.

I"ve continued with my gym regimen and am enjoying it. But remembering why it's so easy to slip into denial. I missed a few days last week and the temptation to just stay home and eat puddings is strong. It really is the getting there in the first place that is my biggest mental stumbling block. Once there I have no difficulty pushing myself hard - I've added back and abdominal exercises to my weights and cardio routine - but the mind games I play on the way home from work every day are ridiculous. Especially when every afternoon as I get home with my mind worked out just as much my body. I feel so relaxed and happy. And yet every afternoon I try and think of an out.

I just wish the results would come more quickly. I'm stronger and fitter, but superficially, I wish that would show as well.


hissychick said...

You too know the reason why gin is called mother's little helper.

Can't help you on the gym motivation front. I need to get started and I've done nothing beyond wonder whether a Wii fit would be of benefit. As I eat two slices of toast in front of the computer as a snack of course.

From the sounds of iit you are doing great :)

Kim said...

The thing about the gym (for most humans ;)) is that it's never easy to get there, but the reward is the feeling at the end.

I've NEVER enjoyed the entry to a gym - only the feeling when I exit. There are a few super-human exceptions who crave the gym, but in all honesty I'm not sure which planet they're really from.

Glad to hear the Monkey is still as daredevil as always - you grey yet?


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