Monday, 11 August 2008


I keep starting new blog posts and then not finishing them, forgetting to save and then exiting. I go to write funny little anecdotes that I want remembered and completely forget to type them out. And then I sit here with the white box open begging me to FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY type something, and my mind goes blank. So here is a mish mash of stuff that is swirling around in my brain.

On Friday I went to our local fish and chips takeaway to buy dinner and went to the bottle-o while I waited for my order. While there taking 2 imported 6 packs of bière to the counter for LH I tripped over an errant case in the middle of an aisle, head first into a rack of red wine. Because I was born under a lucky star I broke nothing except my pride - quite a feat when one is lying on a hard floor looking up surrounded by alcohol bottles clinking away beside me.

On Thursday the Elfling asked if she could stay home as she was so tired, and had been having a hard time with the long kindy days. So we did, playing around in the sunshine, watching movies and basically not doing a lot. We then went out for dinner where she ate a few spoonfulls of dinner before stuffing herself with icecream and jellybeans.

I rode to work this mornign and only got off to push for 2 hills. One which I will always push for and one which I am hoping to master by year's end. It took me even less time again today and my fingers were 20% more frozen. I call this progress.

I had the most eclectic collection of patrons in clinic this morning, they got kookier and more bizarre as the morning went on. From the hoarder, the one with the strange affect, the hobbit and the liar they were all some of the most interesting persons I have ever met. Just goes to show that diabetes strikes everyone.

There is a lady sitting across from me at the moment chewing the zipper on her jumper. The rasp of teeth on teeth is grinding along my nerves like chalk on a blackboard.

I love having a shower in the hospital before I start the day. There is something so refreshing about it and it's not the same as having a shower as soon as I get out of bed. This makes me happy.

I have already started trying to bargain with myself so as not to have to ride every day so have implemented a rewards/bribery scheme with LH. If I ride/go to the gym 4 days a week I get to sleep in both mornings on the weekend. If 3 times, I only get 1 morning on the weekend. Less than that and he gets the full weekend worth of sleepins. May I say that this is the best bribery ever. I don't know what my weight is atm and I don't care, but I do care about sleep. I have erotic fantasies about sleep. I am a shameless sleep whore. And so he has struck gold with the "Bribe wife to do what she wants".

The only problem is that the rewards seem tipped heavily in my favour. Riding is getting heaps easier (ie I'm getting fitter), I am probably losing weight - as above haven't checked so have no idea - and I get to sleep. Pretty much win win situation. I've found that riding is heaps easier to stick to than going to the gym as well. While I love the gym, I prefer going during the day and my days are made up of going to work. They don't combine so well. But I have to go to work every morning and riding (even with shower) is now as fast or faster than catching public transport and driving. So I don't need to make a "special time" for it, it's just my "getting to work" thing.

Which makes me think that in future weeks adding the gym on top is maybe not a bad idea. Tonight I'm thinking of doing all my measurements again, including weight and posting it on here for me to be embarrassed by. I then have 16 weeks until we head off into the tropics and I have a sneaking suspicion that I need to lose about 8kg. Half a kg a week. Now being as I've come down hard on other people's obesity on this blog, it's only fair that I see that I can conquer it myself. And all you who've been tuning in can be my judge and jury, though I'd love it even more if you were to join me.

If "now is not a good time for you" then I challenge you that you're just making excuses because there will never be a good time. I am broke, I have 2 children under 4, I go to uni fulltime, I have to study, I have a husband to look after and a house to keep clean (with his help). I have a lot on my plate. You probably do too. But being unhealthy is not a choice for me, so I need to keep it up. Hope you do too.

Back later with the dreaded Olympian stats.


Donna said...

I'm in!

Not going to give my stats but when I achieve my goal I might tell you how much I used to weigh, measure etc! hehe

16 weeks eh? What's a fair wieght loss goal for that time span Dr Jenn?

Nicole S said...

We are off to Queensland in 10 weeks. I have 5 kgs to lose (still ...) so I will join you.

Jenn said...

Well there's realistic, there's healthy and there's optimistic lol.

Half a kilogram a week is a slow steady and sustainable weightloss for most people.

Optimistically I'd lose 16kg in that time, but I am not sure my body could actually be that weight any more without being unhealthy in the other direction. I'd look great in jeans though!

Melissa said...

I'm in, Jenn. Though of course, I have far more to lose than you, I'd love to do this with you.

I have to start small. Walking, not riding. But it's not nothing, right?

Donna said...

Hmmm well I might go middle ground and aim for 12kg then.

When is finish date??

Yay Mel's here!!


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