Saturday, 20 September 2008

Monkey Party

Thinking about the fact that my baby was born 2 years ago today brings a lump to my throat and makes me incapable of talking much. So I'll do a pictorial essay instead.

The Monkey woke at 5am this morning and has had a perfect day. She loves her mini kitchen (her present from us) and she scored a swathe of fantastic presents from her party from a lovely bunch of people.

The party was lovely and the food was pretty much all eaten so I take it other people enjoyed it. The melting fairy godmother chocolate cake was great (we gave her a sparkler for a magic wand for extra effect!). The sandwiches were inhaled and the stained glass fairy wand biscuits were much coveted, though they had nothing on the fruit kebabs. Not enough people ate my rainbow jelly cups so that's what I'm having for dinner tonight. The icecream cupcakes looked pretty good as well.

The Monkey is currently valiantly staying awake watching a new DVD while playing tea parties with her new dress covered in chocolate smears and the ethereal Elfling is trying to stuff yet more left over party food into herself.

I've had 7 hours sleep in the last 2 nights, a major exam and a birthday party, but the thing that is most on my mind is how it has possibly been only 2 years that she's been in my life, and how fast it's gone.


Averil said...

Oh Jenn - you little stepford wife, you! You outdid yourself - what a gloriously girly & fun party! Love it!!!

And those daughters of yours are the most edible looking little plums! BEAUTIFUL!!

Shel said...

Goodness me. What a cake!!

Happy birthday beautiful girl!!

PS - I hear you on the time thing - C is nearly THREE!!!

hissychick said...

Gorgeous girls, gorgeous party, gorgeous post.

Happy birthday Monkey!

Blythe said...

Happy birthday, Monkey!

I didn't realise just how close in age our girls are - my little Boomp turns two in less than two weeks. We're not planning a party this year, but now I've seen your photos, I want to!


Kim said...

That cake is outstanding Jenn! I'm a birthday cake wannabe decorator but think that's waaaay out of my league!

I hear you on how fast time goes - my 'baby' will be 5 in Feb! 5!

Donna said...

Wow..what a totally gorgeous day for a totally adorable little girl.


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