Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Been a while

I haven't much to write except to say I've been ridiculously busy. Family stuff, a hectic uni timetable, trying to stay fit as well as some personal issues have all eroded into my blogging time. There's also been the lack of suitable material, because I'm sure that the minutiae of my life are not particularly interesting to anyone else.

I'm a bit over ophthalmology at the moment and will be glad to switch to another surgical specialty next week. The hours aren't too bad, but this is very clinic heavy and clinics tend to be quite repetitive and/or painful so I'll be happy to have it done with. There has also been some time consuming token assessment that has been driving me slightly mental... hence the dearth of posts.

The husband received his pay review today and has been given a decent raise. He, of course, is a little unhappy but for the work he's doing at the moment and the flexibility in hours they've given him we're not too disappointed. I, of course, am proud of him either way, but he frets a lot about "providing" so it's just one of those things. He still has 2 years to break the 6 figure mark (his goal) and he's not that far off so I think he should be pretty proud of himself.

The Elfling has finally got a confirmed place at an after school hours care centre for next year, not in our preferred centre but a confirmed place none the less. This is a huge weight off my mind, as school hours do not mesh in well with parental working hours. She is very excited about heading off to big school and thankfully some of her friends will be joining her at Prep. Her very best friend in the whole entire world who she has played with now for nearly 4 years is on the waitlist for the school (doesn't live in catchment) and we have everything crossed that he will be able to go too.

The Monkey is going beautifully and her language is just exponential at the moment. She uses words/sentences as her primary mode of communication now instead of tantrums which is nice. Not to say she can't throw some doozies but we're pretty good at ignoring them and she hates performing without an audience. We haven't fed in ?3 days and we're going with the don't offer, don't refuse method of weaning. If I wasn't feeling quite so tired at the moment I wouldn't even consider it, but she seems happy so we'll just see how we go.

After a beautiful weekend barbie and swim at a friends place I've also re-enrolled the Elfling in swimming lessons (even without the freaking government's childcare rebate that we are owed for LAST FINANCIAL YEAR totaling in excess of several thousand dollars) and am trying to work out if I can find the money somewhere for the Monkey to go too. Next year they will both definitely need lessons and we will probably continue with the gymnastics so need to find the time and the resources for that as well.

Enough minutiae. Not much else happening at the moment. Waiting to become an Aunty again, waiting to get my results from last rotation to know that I will graduate at the end of the year, waiting to see if the dollar recovers before December so we can actually afford our luxe holiday (it's in USD), waiting for Friday.


Melissa said...

I'm so glad she'll have friends with her. It was one of the things that had me most frantic when Alexander started this year. He didn't know a soul.

And for the record, the minutiae is met with great interest here.

Jen said...

I have to agree that i love reading your blog, even the minutiae :) . That is wonderful that the elfling has friends going to her school, that is one thing thay scares me for DS starting next year as none of his friends are attending his school :(


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