Sunday, 12 October 2008

OK I think we've had enough of the genitalia lol

Decided we needed a new post to go up to bump down the last one. I'm sure you agree with me! I stand by my rantiness but it is back in its proper box now, confined to internal eye rolls and slight frothing at the corners of my mouth. Who would have guessed that I'd be so empassioned on the subject of how you refer to your vulvas eh?

Anyhow, enough. Enjoy your ladygardens in peace. Double entendre not entirely unintentional.

I've started half a dozen posts in the last week and left them languishing in unpublished mode because I think of one small thing I want to say and leave it with the intention of adding something when it comes to me, but it doesn't. So you're missing your fix of gleaminess. Unless of course I decide to go on a rant.

This weekend has been cool and grey and rainy, lovely and soft for a weekend. I've not been feeling 100% so it's been lovely to just be lazy and curl up listening to the rain. The girls however have been my favourite discovery of this weekend. They have been playing together all weekend. Not just doing the same thing, or watching DVDs together, but actually playing together. Ignoring us boring parents and going off to make their own games.

In fact LH and I slept in this morning until 8am because the ratbags completely bypassed our room (their usual early morning pitstop) and instead went downstairs where they feasted on leftovers from the fridge, watched cartoons on TV and played. We were woken only when they decided they wanted toast and needed assistance with the toaster (Elfling knows she's not allowed to touch it after an incident where she "helped" by continually re-toasting the same piece of bread until it was black and smoking).

It's so cute to see them tramping up and down the steps to collect raincoats so they can play outside, or to splash in puddles, to watch them fashion fishing poles out of pencils and wool then sit on the top step fishing into the stairwell exclaiming loudly every few minutes that they have a fish.

They fight as well, deliberately antagonising each other, needling under the skin like only siblings can, but to see them together as friends just blows me away. There is often a lot of defensiveness about only children, based I am sure on the sheer number of people who tell you you're wrong if you have an only. But it does not negate the fact that there is *something* in having a sibling. It truly is a gift and one that we're so glad to have been able to give our girls. It's often annoying, hard, painful, tantrum-inducing (mine), noisy and it's expensive. But it's so so worth it. They're lovely.

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