Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Christmas Menu

I've been tagged by Ave to post my Christmas menu - which technically starts on Christmas Eve so I hope that's not cheating.

Christmas Eve Dinner

basil, feta and tomato mini pastries

Roast Turkey with parmesan and prosciutto stuffing
Italian roasted root vegetables
Candied sweet potato and parsnip
Steamed greens with beurre blanc
Home made turkey gravy

Mango cheesecake
Home made boiled Christmas Pudding (finished last night, smells soooo good) with brandied custard
Home made rumballs and Baileys (for the adults)

Christmas Morning
buttermilk pancakes with lemon and sugar
Bingley's own recipe

Christmas Lunch
antipasto platter
cold ham and turkey served with homemade mango chutney
assorted cheese and dips

Christmas Dinner
at Mum and Dad's house, TBA

I love cooking and the whole house smelling of Christmas and cinnamon. Today I am sewing the girls' Christmas dresses and finishing off the last touches on the pre-prepared food. Christmas Eve the Elfling and I will make Christmas cookies for Santa in the afternoon, and the girls will watch a Christmas movie as we get everything ready for dinner (including all the "good plates" lol)including the 3kg turkey which we are sharing with my sister and her boyfriend before hanging up the Christmas stockings and putting out Santa's feast. Then as I finish the handsewing for the dresses while listening to the Christmas carols on TV Bingley is charged with some major assembly (his favourite part of Christmas) and we tidy up the lounge ready for the arrival of the big man in red.

We are leaving on Boxing Day to spend a week in the tropical North so will also need to make sure our bags are packed. We will finish off Christmas Eve by picking at leftovers even though we are grotesquely full before sneaking upstairs to check on the girls and to watch their countenance as visions of sugar plums dance in their heads.

Christmas morning is my favourite part of being a parent. The disbelief and excitement of the girls as they see that Santa has actually come. Their glee and awed delight at their perfect gifts. Playing on the floor with new toys surrounded by detritus as Bingley clanks in the kitchen making pancakes. The exchange of gifts with one another, the watching of a new DVD or listening to a new CD. Hanging up the new ornaments on the tree with great ceremony. Packing everything up in the car to go to Mum and Dad's, and to relive it all again. Eating far too much. Driving home in the starlight with the girls nodding against their carseats in the back while I sing carols. Falling into bed on Christmas night with Bingley snoring softly beside me thinking that another year has already gone.

Merry Christmas all!


hissychick said...


I have no menu to contribute as we have headed south to visit mr hissychick's family and all the hard work is being done by my MIL.

However I will be spending most of tomorrow evening as Santa's assistant to ensure a memorable Christmas morning for my girls too.

Hope you have a lovely Christmas :)

Donna said...

It sounds magnificent. I hope you and your family all had a wonderful joyous Christmas together. Enjoy your holiday!!

Oh and, I loved the elf dance. You have some moves there Jenn! lol


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