Thursday, 29 January 2009


Why am I still vomiting every second day or more?
Why does a person who is lovely and loved go to hospital to find out that they're going to die?
Why does a person who could easily get out of fucking bed and deal with their medical issues by simply accepting their lot and actually living insist on lying in bed all day?
Why do people think that if they are working late (and being paid for it) that you should do the same?
Why is it that I can work for 10 hours on my feet all day while fucking pregnant and it's too hard for you to go to the bathroom without morphine? Even though you can walk downstairs to have a fag whenever you feel you need one...
Why is it that people think doctors are ridiculously overpaid when what I am receiving is barely enough to pay bills let alone "luxuries" like things for my baby?
How can someone throw his own baby girl off a 60m bridge? And why do I know what that did to her perfect little body?
Why can't I stop crying.


Marywin said...

It certainly hits hard, more so for you - raging hormones and medical knowledge. Go gentle.

hissychick said...

Mary said it perfectly. As the mother of a little girl who will celebrate her 4th birthday tomorrow I can't stop crying either. Take care.

Shel said...

It's broken my heart. Truly, it has. How anyone could do that is just completely beyond my scope of thinking. G even had a teary; although, in the same breath would like to know his name....

Keep on truckin Jenn - statue and pigeon days are what life is. You can't appreciate the good if you don't live through the bad - at least, that's what I tell myself.

Melissa said...

I thought of you, Jenn. I knew what you'd be thinking, how you'd know.

Joel and I are just shattered over this one. BOth too upset to even really talk about it.

Rest now. Put your feet up, see if Bingley will give them a rub. Kiss the girls, cuddle up to him, close your eyes and feel the little man (no, not Bingley).

Thinking of you, mate.

Kim said...

Oh Jenn, it's just so horrible we can't even comprehend it in our house.

My friend was the policeman who pulled her out of the water, and he's completely shattered - he has two children of his own and despite what he's seen over the years, this one's hit him hardest.

I don't know how you do your job sometimes (seeing/knowing what you do). Anyone in the emergency services/healthcare should truly be commended for what they deal with on a daily basis.

As for the sick fuck who did this, there is no punishment great enough...


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