Monday, 16 February 2009

I like lists.

First up, I'm sure you'll be relieved to know the "nesting" was a false alarm. We're back to grime central and I couldnt' care less. All is now right with the world. I would love to take Hissy's suggestion of hiring people much more competent than myself to deal with it but
a) we're only a little bit above broke
b) I am still somewhat ashamed to let people who are particular about this sort of thing actually see my house (this includes careful screening of friends as well, simply because I don't want to deal with cardiac arrest in my own house). So we live again in squalor - but it is CHEERFUL squalor.

My feet hurt a lot. Being pregnant and being upright are a bad combination. Unfortunately it is difficult to do my job while in bed asleep. Obviously I am in the wrong career.

I think I have popped. I know my boobs have, but I think my belly has attempted to as well, trying vainly to win the forwardly projection race. I am feeling very round and full (the nice adjectives) while also feeling like my abdominal muscles are trying to contort impossibly and burst like a scene from dambusters (the less nice adjectives).

Work is good, aside from the lack of horizontalness. I did an ALS course today which was fun but surreal. They actually use defibrillators with paddles at the hospital I'm working at (which I've never seen in the flesh let alone used) and so we got to play with them. They do feel very medical drama-ish and like you're doing something practical and impressive. Which is unlike most of medicine which feels like tinkering around the edges and listening to people who don't want to listen. Hopefully some go home less sick than they come in.

The money is crap. I've mentioned before that the salary is not that flash, but take out tax, HECS and various other bits and pieces (including the extra $200 a week we're paying in childcare) and well, hmmm. Lucky I love it.

Belly pic for Donna.

I'm not wearing pants so not exactly the same frame as before. In my defense it is very hot. For those that are pregnant the top is from Kmart and is cotton and very comfortable and full price costs less than $20.


hissychick said...

You are popping out my friend. In the next few weeks we are going to see some serious belly. Woo hoo.

Glad to see you've come to your senses about the cleaning. If you ignore it it ceases to exist. Problem solved.

PS can you lend me some boobs?

Shel said...

Jenn, you look fantastic!!! So svelte and pregnant!!

I'm a lover of lists too - but no doubt you knew that.

Cleaning - I have a cleaner. She's like my fairy godmother and I heart her.

Averil said...

Look at those perky boobs!!!

Err, I mean, LOVE the belly Jenn!! Cluck, cluck, cluck.

xx Ave

Anonymous said...

You look absolutely gorgeous andou carry pregnancy beautifully :-)

Cylie said...

You do look fab!!!

I'm sorry I am not closer to look after those poor old feet.


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