Wednesday, 17 June 2009


The Possum has a head cold. It means he cannot lie down and breathe at the same time. This poses a problem when it comes to things like sleep and feeding. Unfortunately these are his 2 favourite things, so the lack of being able to do so is not making him happy.

Last night we were unable to string 45 minutes together and it left us both feeling pretty miserable. I just wish I could take it away from him and have my proper snuggly baby back. Luckily though, as long as I am upright and am holding him so, he gratefully flops his head down and sleeps and sleeps and sleeps. Unfortunately for me I don't sleep sitting up. So I'm getting a bit zombified.

Other than that things are near perfect. I love having 3 children and I love MY three children who are beyond lovely. The Elfling is growing up at a rate of knots. Her ballet especially is coming along beautifully. She absolutely awed her grandmother during the week when she saw her practice. She is very disciplined and very graceful at ballet, a complete departure from her usual vague and difficult to streamline self.

The Monkey is unbearably cute, and is learning very quickly. Her vocab and sentence structure is showing increased complexity and she is getting very good at problem solving. Her agility and climbing skill is also massively increased (not good for my blood pressure) and she is getting cheekier ever day. We're in the process of dropping the day sleep (not good timing) but she's coping pretty well. She adores her baby brother, getting into bed with him this morning while I was in the shower to kiss his forehead. The Elfling then came in and sang him a self composed song.

The Possum is uncurling more every day. His feet have grown sooo much! He still HATES having his nappy changed but loves having showers with me. He feeds like a champion and loves his special milk. I love watching his face as he feeds and as he falls off, hungry, happy, blissed, relaxed. Beautiful kissable lips, stubborn chin, his long neck and pointed fuzzy ears.

Today was a lovely day, even with no sleep I managed to tour the Art Gallery's American Impressionists exhibition and marvel that I had never heard of Childe Hassam and be blown away at the beauty of light captured on canvas. I also walked through organic farmer's markets and found authentic gruyere cheese (I have been craving for 10 years!!), chocolate exquisitery and perfect ruby fruit. I tasted chocolate brownies and organic meat and cold pressed olive oil.

But best of all, after a long day, even a beautiful one, I pulled into our driveway, looking forward to a simple dinner, and saw waiting on my doorstep a tall thin box, filled with long stemmed blood red roses from Bingley.

Art, chocolate, cheese, roses and snuggles from my perfect son - I lead a charmed life, sleep or no sleep.

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Anonymous said...

Oh bliss. You make it all sound so easy. I was still walking around with a stunned look on my face three weeks after the birth. I dared not take him shopping else I forgot him and left him in the tinned food aisle at the supermarket.


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