Wednesday, 24 June 2009


I'm sure I've documented on here how much I love rain. How much I adore rain. How we are fated lovers destined or some such. Or maybe not. But I do love rain, love misty mornings, love buckety mornings, love summer downpours and autumn showers etc etc.

On Monday I did not love the rain. I would pain a picture for you, but the facts will do that on its own.

It was 2:15pm. The Monkey fell asleep. Dead asleep, the "I won't wake now for at least an hour no matter what you do" sleep.

The Elfling finishes school at 2:40pm and must be collected from her classroom.

Her classroom is accessible by 3 steep staircases. There is a "sort of" wheelchair accessible route that takes 4x as long but still involves stairs.

There were no parks within a 2 block radius of her school when I went to pick her up.

Oh and it was pouring with rain. The proper cats and dogs kind. And it's winter.

If you have a solution that doesn't involve
* me being saturated
* me consoling a screaming baby in a sling, wrapped up in a dozen blankets and wraps to stop him getting cold and wet
* me lugging a 20kg pram down stairs while other parents watch from the safety of an undercover area
* the Elfling being saturated
* the Monkey being saturated
* the pram being saturated
* the Possum being dry but extraordinarily pissed off

I'd love to hear it.

Otherwise all is peachy. Possum growing impossibly fast. Elfling ballet protege. Monkey adorable. More later.


Shannon said...

I have no suggestions as I was living my own particular type of hell that day at the same time involving sopping ovals, flooded pedestrian ways and a whole school open day.

Kirsten said...

The rain has been so constant hasn't it?

I can't believe nobody helped you though, surely someone would have noticed you struggling with a newborn and a pram?

I hope you all went home and changed into warm, dry comfy flanalette Pj's!


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