Thursday, 2 July 2009

Yay for vacation care!

I love the Elfling dearly, but out of routine she can be really really really difficult. She does not cope well with change at all. So vacation care (only a few days a week) has been a god send. She gets to play with her friends for a few hours and I get not to listen to whining/back chatting/hysterics and we both love each other when we get home. We have also banned TV this week after an awful Sunday morning and it really has made a difference (though the whining on Monday sent me truly batty). The fact that this was necessary was pointed out emphatically on Tuesday when we received the Toy Catalogues for the mid year sales and she could name EVERY SINGLE LICENSED CHARACTER. That was a bit of a wake up call. No more TV baby sitter here.

Said Toy Sales were braved by me today and a few bargains (Lego!) picked up and stashed ready for the big man in red to take credit for. I felt wildly decadent with my ?4 purchases, but looking at some of the trolleys filled to the brim with plastic licensed crap and felt mildly nauseated. Knowing just how little the girls get out of having too many toys I felt a bit sad as well, especially considering that most of the people laden with toys had said children with them, threatening them with "a belting" or "not getting it for Christmas" if they didn't shut up and stop touching things. Gah.

I also got my hair cut, my eyebrows waxed and went on a quest to find a pair of jeans to fit me. I am still wearing my flattering but elastic waisted maternity jeans and now that the Possum is a month old it feels pretty embarrassing to still be wearing them. I went into Esprit which is usually friendly to the non teenaged figure and went to the sale rack (because I can't help myself) and flicked through the "slimming" dark denim. I looked for a Sz 14 which they of course didn't have and looked at the Sz 12 ambitiously wondering if I could actually squeeze into them still. And did. Miraculously they fit, no strain at all over the hips or thighs, no special contortions to do them up. In fact I was so thrilled by this fact I almost bought them on the spot, until I remembered why I didn't wear any of the other jeans in my wardrobe. Because they stretch, always, to the point that I spend all my time yanking them up.

But these were Sz 12!! I decided, almost embarrassed, to try on the Sz 10 feeling like a complete fraud. I am still overweight, how on Earth I can fit Sz 12 is baffling enough. But I tried on the Sz 10s, which did require a bit of contortion to do the waist band up but was actually physically possible even with breathing, and even after 5 minutes wear in the store they were already doing that stretchy, moulding thing and getting to comfortable. Ergo, I was comfortably wearing Sz 10. Ergo, purchase made toute de suite and I own Sz 10 jeans!

Did I mention I'm awfully shallow?

Anyhow, the Possum is currently sleeping happily in his hammock (has been for 2 hours!) and I am free from his glorious snuggliness and in demand from a certain Jane Austen love interest but I just wanted to update.

Oh and we inspected a house today that I adore. I want. Very much. 90 million be damned!


Nina said...

Hey congrats on the size 10 jeans! I get excited by things like that too. I have a pair of size 9 jeans that are my "motivators"... they don't even fit over my knees at the moment.

hissychick said...

I just got a glimpse of my life in just over six months time.

Except size 10 jeans will not feature in it *sob*.


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