Sunday, 20 September 2009

Happy Birthday Miss Monkey

It was a glorious sunny day. The Monkey woke and I heard her run to the bathroom before dancing into the lounge room, where she stopped and saw the pile of shiny, pink wrapped presents just for her glinting in a shaft of morning sunlight. She cautiously bent over them, examining them, but not touching, before running in to see me. She was so happy I was awake, all big grins and curly mop of hair, cuddling into bed with the Possum and Bingley and I. She waited very patiently until the Elfling woke before reverently going back to her presents and stroking the paper.

She's such an unassuming little girl, she doesn't expect huge gestures, so this pile of presents just for her had her beaming. She carefully opened each present, pausing with each dutifully waiting for Bingley to take a photo (even when he wasn't intending to lol) before exclaiming politely. The star present was a Dora the Explorer doll and a stroller which she has been racing around the verandah for the better part of today.

She had pancakes for breakfast and then asked for her cake (above) for lunch, but I reminded her we were having a little party and a BBQ so she'd have to wait a little while. Which she did, loving all of her perfect little (nd not so little!) presents and oohing and ahhing over each one while the ELfling tried her best to be interested and excited without taking over. At one stage I found the Elfling on her bed playing with one of the Monkey's new toys, a bit sad because although there were a few children there to play, the oldest was 3 months younger than the Monkey. It's tough being the eldest sometimes.

The BBQ ws nice and the cake was much exclaimed over - especially by the deliriously happy monkey who literally shone when "Happy Birthday" was sung to *her*. She ate her sugar fairy, and her marshmallow toadstool and a few bites of her strawberry cake (just regular butter cake with strawberry puree) before racing off again.

The weather was early Queenslnd Summer and we were grateful for the open house, high ceilings and large decks today. The lazy Sunday weather perfect for flaking out with a book (in my case) or nudie style on a towel in the Possum's while the girls played tea parties on the grass.

It was a lovely lovely day, and I'm completely sugared out.

Happy Birthday Monkey Girl


Kisses said...

Happy 3rd Birthday little Monkey-baby! Mwah Mwah MWAH!

Totally entranced by Monkey's birth story all over again! XX

Loved her birthday album on FB. Harry's getting so big already!

Blythe said...

Happy birthday, Monkey!! Wow, our kids are very similar ages, each within a few of each other (minus the Elfing, of course).

It sounds like a lovely day...

Kim said...

What a lovely walk back down memory lane to read her birth story again.

You're doing such an amazing job- she sounds like a delightful little girl.

:) Kim

Kirsten said...

Happy birthday to your gorgeous Monkey.

Well done on the cake, looks gorgeous!


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