Thursday, 5 November 2009

Day 5, a meme

I'm hot, tired and unhappy. So today you get a meme straight from Melissa. Ignoring the instructions because that's the way I roll.

1.Where is your mobile phone? Flat. In the bathroom.

2.Your hair?
Hitting me in my eyes. Needs a cut soon.

3.Your mother?
Working. I wish she lived closer.

4.Your father? Ditto Mum.

5.Your favorite food?
Summer fruit.

6.Your dream last night?
I was pregnant again. Not a good dream.

7.Your favorite drink?

8.Your dream/goal?
Right now, to sleep longer than 2 hours.

9.What room are you in? My lounge room.

10.Your hobby?
Fantasising, most commonly about sleep. Or vodka.

11.Your fear? I have lots of fears.

12.Where do you want to be in 6 years?
I'll be 34. Hopefully by then I will be sleeping through the night on a regular basis.

13.Where were you last night? In bed. Blogging. Feeling upset.

14.Something that you aren’t? Beautiful.

15.Muffins? I like banana or apple cinnamon best. But hey, whatever I feel like making works too.

16.Wish list item? A holiday.

17.Where did you grow up? Some would suggest it's not happened yet.

18.Last thing you did?
Put the Possum's dummy back in for the eleventy billionth time.

19.What are you wearing?
Flowy chiffon shirt with white singlet, tight black pants, matching Hot Milk maternity set, a heavy shiny silver necklace, my watch, two anklets, the Monkey's jingles, my wedding ring and Hope.

20.Your TV? Is beautiful

21.Your pets? Oscar the black and white neurotic cat

Are lovely

23.Your life? Revolves around sleep or lack thereof

24.Your mood? Flat

25.Missing someone? Yes.

26.Vehicle? Mazda3

27.Something you’re not wearing?
My engagement ring. Finally got it resized (3 sizes down!! I was a fat bride) and the diamond was loose. I miss my bling.

28.Your favourite store? Big department stores with Christmas displays

29.Your favorite colour?

29.When was the last time you laughed?
About 30 seconds ago when I realised that the Possum has a tooth

30.Last time you cried?

31.Your best friend?

32.One place that you go to over and over? The University of Queensland

33.One person who emails me regularly? Bingley

34.Favourite place to eat? I could go yum cha right now.


Melissa said...

You are utterly beautiful.

Shel said...

I also disagree entirely with #14.

Mothership said...

You want me to come kick your booty? Stop speaking shite! You know what I'm talking about. The above gals covered it already.


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