Friday, 13 November 2009

M is for Monkey

The Monkey told me today, "Mummy, you need to start being silly. Right now". I think I've been a wee bit tense and serious the last few days. When even your 3 year old tells you off, I think it's time to start unleashing your inner ridiculousness.

We had a nice day today, a kindy interview to start with and then headed off to Ikea to buy the Possum a new highchair (Antilops for the win!). The Monkey was thrilled to see that it was decorated for Christmas including muzak and her Christmas junkie mother wasn't far behind.

I did pretty well for me, only came home with about $80 more stuff than I planned, which I think is pretty damn impressive. The best thing I bought being a new laptop table called Dave which will soon house my brand new, scarily impressive laptop.

And then we picked up my ring, and I breathed a sigh of relief, and finally got my sense of nonsense back and spent the afternoon being silly. Which made the Monkey very happy indeed.


Jodie said...

No, no, that won't do. I need closure, I saw your ring on FB and had to come over and find out the story. What did they say? Where was it? Did they grovel massively and give you beautiful sparkly earrings to repent?

Melissa said...

I'm just pathetic enough to admit I've been waiting all day for an update from you.

So glad you got the ring back.
Still no hammock photos, though, I see. Or the red boob-flashing vintage dress????

Jenn said...

Profuse apologies, no real grovelling and no gifts. I don't care. I just wanted it back and now it is and life is wonderful.

alliecat said...

So very glad to see you got it back. It's beautiful.


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