Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Moral Absolutism

Wooo heavy topic for a Tuesday night I know, but I was struggling for topics and this one worked.

If you'd asked me 10 years ago, there were quite a few moral absolutes. Relationship absolutes, ethical absolutes, universal rights and wrongs. I was always able to see both sides of the story, but when it came down to it, things were either "right" or "wrong". Although I could see the shades of grey, there was still room for black and room for white. I expected to be challenged by this as I grew older, but never thought that the arguments would come from within.

It's not other people that challenge my view points the most, it is myself. Conflict on issues that 10 years ago were not an issue at all. Because when you make something black and white, it's pretty easy. You pick your team, and then you barrack for them, regardless of bad seasons, injury, illness or seductive advertising.

But what if you don't pick a team? What if there are no teams, just every man for himself, all willing to go to their own boundaries with no reference to yours? Where do you decide is the absolute line? What will you never do when no one else is there with you at your line, but either held back miles ago or fading off into the distance?

What do you do when the one you love has one line, but yours isn't there? What if those you admire most are far off in the distance while you're already feeling murky? It's something I struggle with daily. On a personal level as well as a lofty, intellectual level.

I kind of miss having a team.


Shel said...
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Shel said...

I think it is incredibly rare to find two people who have the same line drawn over everything.

And it is one thing to say what ones line is - a whole other to actually be standing at it, ready to say 'enough'. It's nearly inbuilt; that want to push it further.

And there are many things to consider when you are at that line that you don't think about until you are there.

I now know for sure that you NEVER know what you will do in a scenario until you get there; all you can do is wait until you are there.



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