Wednesday, 11 November 2009

The one ring

The saga of the ring. Aka Jenn loses it.

Let me tell you the saga of the ring...

First up, the stone is a near perfect diamond that belonged to Bingley's grandmother, she gave it to him for his 21st birthday... sort of a family blessing for us to get married. It took nearly 3 years after that for us to decide to get married and have it put in a ring. But, day arrives, I have my sparkly bling, awesomeness. Until a few weeks later when I realised one of the 4 prongs is broken... chance of losing diamod = high. Considering we'd just paid over a grand to have it put into the ring, not impressed.

Back to small family jeweller for them to fix it, get it back a week later. Go SWIMMING in an Olympic size pool the next morning, am getting dressed after and notice the stone is loose, prod it once and stone falls out. Cue heart attack considering I'd just got out of a goddam pool take it back again to be fixed after profuse apologies from jeweller. Swear to never go back to said jeweller.

Fast forward 5 years and ring is far far too big. After 3 incidents of the ring falling off without me noticing start wearing it around my neck. Finally get around to having it resized/valued 3 weeks ago and picked it up last week. Walking around the shops getting dazzled when I notice the stone is fucking loose, go back to jeweller (different to the one that made it in the firsr place) and demand it be fixed.

Today, go to pick it up, open the packet with my name on it and its not my ring - some ugly channel set poor quality diamond and they've "temporarily misplaced" mine. Cue heart attack and strong words from Jenn, reminder that it's an heirloom stone etc etc Shocked looking jeweller promises to find my ring etc etc etc but yeah NOT HAPPY.

They will call me tomorrow, if it's not there then I will remind them that theft of my ring constitutes a criminal offense. I'm wondering though if the thing is bloody jinxed. So incredibly unhappy with the situation. The jeweller called the workshop while I was ther searching for the ring which he has promised me they have found and is being polished, but JFC on a bike I am over it. Am I over the top in thinking some sort of apology is required? What would have happened if they'd given mine to someone else and they'd walked off with it? The one they gave me was worth maybe a quarter of mine.

Stil freaking out.


Simone said...

That would make me feel sick. If they had given it to someone else? The jewellers are freaking lucky that they didn't. I would be asking for free cleaning and polshing for life but the kicker of that is you would have to trust them again- and if it was me I couldn't do that.

Although I would be inclined to get the damm thing rub set so it is nice and tight and secure. LOL

Jen said...

how utterly terrifying that they could have given it to someone else! Rather than it being cursed I like to think that the ring is always keeping you on your toes, therefore inadvertantly reminding you everytime that you freak out over it, of the happy time when you were given it ;) . Please update when it is safe and secure on your finger :)

Melissa said...

I'd be freaking out too! Hope you get it back safe and sound soon.

alliecat said...

They gave you a 'replacement' ring? Not even similar? And wait til you open the packet for you to find out? That is unacceptable. They should have called you and forewarned you or at least spoken to you about it in the shop! What, did they expect you to walk away with the replacement like nothing happened or did they actually stuff up majorly and not realise there had been a switch?

An apology is the LEAST you should be expecting. That is service of the worst kind.

Hope they find it and it hasn't been given to someone else because unfurtunately not everyone is all that honest.

Mothership said...

Oh my god, Jenn. I feel SICK. Apology, a massive dose of brown-nosing and ZERO charge. That is about as bad, and frightening, as it gets.

Christ, it's precious effing jewelery FFS, not some table with a wobbly leg!

Sort those bastards out - pronto.

Vicki said...

Oh God! That would make me physically ill! If that had've been my grandmas engagement ring (which I have and is worth close to 3K now it's so old yet so beautiful, I would be livid!

There is no price on sentimental value! I really hope you get it back!


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