Sunday, 14 March 2010

Third meme: Wind

Melissa's Third Meme

Hear her.
Hear the rustle as she comes, petticoats over crinoline.

Lie back as she caresses your face, tickling the hairs just below your ear until you shiver.

Wrapping your arms around your torso to keep out the chill that she brings.

Eyes watering when an unexpected slap reddens your cheek and the tears burn then freeze at her touch.

Watch the grass around you bend to her tread as she dances at your feet to the melody in her voice.

Hear her cry out as the gulls circle overhead cawing.

Feel her pull you, from the centre of your chest, feel her inveigle her way along your veins, coercing your blood to boil higher, your skin to flush and arousal to brighten your eyes.

Feel her against your fingertips, but never able to be touched, as ephemeral as if you'd dreamed her

Watch, for an instant her silvery gleam before it vanishes, and she's gambolling off, finding another playmate while you watch the thin blue sky overhead.

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