Saturday, 15 May 2010

99 memes

Well maybe not that many, but to get myself back in the habit of writing, here's one stolen from Melissa from various others: essentially highlight the things on the list you'd like to receive as gifts...

1. Slippers Surprisingly, yes. I kind of covet a new pair of uggs atm.

2. Pyjamas My secret fetish. I love them. There is no better gift than soft cotton extra long pyjama pants.

3. Chocolates are not actually on my list

4. Flowers Yes please. Red roses. Or bright tulips. Or a bough of wisteria. Or jonquils. Or white chrysanthemums. Or violets. Not lilliums though please.

5. Wii Fit I never thought I'd say this, but yes. I would love a wii fit. I will do yoga while my English accented trainer gets excited about my balance and posture.

6. Shoes Oh yes. Red ones. Black ones. Simple classic lines, elegant heels, anything Marc Jacobs/Christian Louboutin/Jimmy Choo. Sz 6.5/36.5 ;)

7. Clothes not as a gift

8. Gift voucher no thank

9. Camera I would desperately love a Canon or Nikon DSLR, if you want me to marry you and have your babies then a camera may just get you there...

10. Cook Book are pretty and I like them, but probably not worth it

11. Perfume I just bought some new. I love it. Don't want to wear any other atm.

12. Handbag Simple and classic? Yes please.

13. Book/s Big, full colour art book? Physics? Mathematics? Well laid out, heavy and engrossing? I'm there...

14. Music/CDs Love music, always a good option. The CD I want most is not available to me just yet though.

15. Sports clothes Starting to feel greedy, but yes. I like Lorna Jane and Nike workout gear. And I need some more yoga gear. THe stuff that is soft an clingy but very stretchy.

16. Make-up Surprisingly, yes. A decent liquid eyeliner, Shiseido mascara, gel blush and an illuminator are all on the list.

17. Skin care products Shiseido. I love it.

18. Soap - no thanks

19. Lingerie - probably have enough.

20. Iron - what would I do with that?

21. Foot spa - I already have a paronychial infection, would be a stupendously wasteful gift.

22. Massage yes please, if we could make it at Bali at Prana Spa in Seminyak as well I'd be most grateful...

23. Vacuum cleaner - no thank you

24. Hair salon appointment - no thanks, I book my own

25. Hot air balloon ride in a heartbeat

26. Day out at theme park/zoo Sure, why not

27. Sewing machine (and overlocker) - I'll live without, won't say no if you insist.

28. Shopping bag - non merci

29. Bed linen - coffee or chocolate or deep red please

30. Scratchies - not my thing

31. Garden tools - if only I had the time to garden

32. Ornaments - I'm allergic to them now. I used to adore.

33. Luggage - have a lovely set

34. New car - can I choose? Nissan GTR or Mazda RX-8 would be my budget preference. If you wanted to splash some money around then an Aston DB9 or F360 Spider or 1956 Jag XK120 would have me your willing slave. And I mean slave.

35. New house - I quite like mine, but would love to own it. I would also love a little cabin on the edge of the hinterland with ocean views on the horizon, surrounded by trees, icy cold in winter with an open fireplace at the heart of the home with polished warm wood floors, a heavy four poster bed and a deep jacuzzi on the balcony.

36. Luxury holiday Paris je t'aime

37. Camping tent - sure, if you can't think of anything else

38. Camping gear - as above

39. Running shoes - Mizunos are still going strong, but I guess I could have another

40. Dinner out With babysitting included?

41. Home cooked dinner (by someone else) - I am spoiled and already get this regularly

42. Breakfast in bed After a night of debauchery, a long sleep in and being woken for more before breakfast in bed... probably easier way to my heart than the Aston.

43. Framed photos I like

44. Handmade gifts Always love things from the heart

45. Overseas holiday Yes, yes oh yes.

46. Cruise South Pacific with the children would be lovely. Or Alaska. Or Northern Canada.

47. Kitchenwear - think I have almost all

48. Pedicure - hell and no.

49. Sky diving Yes please.

50. DVDs - not fussed. Maybe. What have you got?

51. Pushbike - A good one? Like a Peugeot? That would be fabulous.

52. Bottle of champagne - no thanks

53. Jewellery I shamefully confess that I love sparkly things. But only if simple and elegant, or tiny and intricate. If it has bells on it or simple set diamonds or a piece of opal or who am I kidding, I adore jewellery. I do have specific tastes though.

54. Glasswear thinnest crystal or glass. Simple elegant shapes.

55. Bottle of wine - no thanks

56. Crystal - as above with glasswear. Though I could go a cut crystal decanter.

57. Painting/artwork Yes, if original.

58. Tickets to the theatre why not?

59. Tickets to the opera Bingley buys me these every year. We are actually subscribers!

60. Tickets to the movies Especially if it comes with babysitting. I still love the movies with childish exuberance.

61. Slow cooker - no thanks

62. Treadmill - won't say no, but like going to the gym better

63. Island resort holiday Let's just clear this up - if it says "holiday" then I'm in...

64. Gym membership - already have, not utilising enough at present (does anyone?)

65. Whitegoods - no thanks

66. Computer - I already have the love of my life under my fingertips at present. Happy working to me.

67. i-Phone - no thank you. I remain unconvinced.

68. Magazine subscription I kind of miss my Cosmo subscription *blush*. I also love Better Homes and Gardens lol

69. 12 months delivery of roses Mais oui. La rouge s'il vous plait.

70. Mountain getaway THere's a blog post about this all on its own.

71. Mountain climbing trek I've wanted to do the Annapurna for as long as I remember.

72. i-Pod - didn't I already answer this one? I am anti-i

73. Mystery flight Spontaneity be thy friend.

74. Whale watching tour - not if on a tour boat. I'm kind of allergic to masses of other tourists.

75. Coffee mugs - don't drink coffee

76. Grand piano I can't play but would learn if I could.

77. Cleaner for a year Worth as much as all the others put together

78. Pool - nice, but not necessary

79. Ride in a racing car - would rather own

80. Tattoo - yes please, I know what at least the first will be.

81. Writing classes - In spite of the fact that I'm sure that I could use these, probably not, not at this point in time.

82. Singing lessons - ditto the writing classes

83. Sunglasses yes please, simple Audrey Hepburn style a la D&G or even the Target knockoffs or Oakley A frames.

84. Watch I love my Swatch, but a sapphire crystal face would mean it would not scratch with every careless scrape. Steel band.

85. Fluffy towels I could do with some new ones.

86. New furniture A writing desk, a four poster bed, new papasan chairs for outside and a daybed filled with cushions.

87. Dressing gown - no thank you

88. Prize home ticket - no thank you

89. Prize home - no thank you

90. Helicopter ride Over mountains and untouched valleys and unexplored terrains.

91. Ducted air-conditioning in every room - have already. Not all it's cracked up to be. Expensive too.

92. An ironing lady - and deny Bingley the pleasure?

93. A maid - would come in handy

94. A nanny - If Mrs Doubtfire was available I would cry with happiness.

95. A donation to a charity Lots of worthy ones, take your pick :)

96. Concert tickets Symphony Orchestra tickets, live music. Cannot possibly go wrong.

97. Photo book - I like to make myself

98. A gardener - tempting, I adore gardens

99. Laptop I'm typing on it right now...


Melissa said...

Good list. What perfume do you wear?

Nina said...

Wouldn't it be lovely if we could turn this wish list into reality?!?!


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