Saturday, 1 May 2010


Ever had that dream where you're at school, chatting away to your friends and one of them mentions that Big Test you have this afternoon and you've completely forgotten? I actually had that happen in reality once. For Chemistry of all subjects, with a teacher who set notoriously hard exams. I want you to know that I crammed like never before for that exam. It was a thing of procrastinatory beauty. I have never forgotten that horror though in knowing what I had to achieve and I'd forgotten.

Anyhow, the point of that ramble was that I'd sort of completely forgotten, until Averil's comment landed in my inbox this afternoon, that I'd sort of committed to posting for May's NaBloPoMo and that hey, it's May today.

Oops. Not a great start to the month!

According to the email from NaBloPoMo, May's theme is "Looking Up" which I like for its ambiguity. I like looking up in the figurative and the literal sense. For the latter, I need to do a bit more of it, and for the former I really need to do a bit more.

I've settled back into work again now. It feels less like The Biggest Mistake Of My Life and more like it used to be. It is incredibly challenging at the moment. I'm working in an area that is very difficult emotionally and mentally as well as spiritually. But I'm getting so much out of it. If nothing more than my self respect.

Home life has also settled. I know it's directly proportional to my own calmness or lack there of, so there is an impoetus for me to continue to find things to enjoy about my work.

Children are glorious and deserve a post of their own.

But anyway, here's my not very well prepared virgin post, hope to see you all around over the next month!


Jen said...

Ive tagged you to help you along in your NaBloPoMo :) .

Blythe said...

Lovely lovely! Looking forward to a Jenn post-a-day!


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