Monday, 24 May 2010


I have my timetable for my next rotation and I swear they're trying to kill me. It is seriously that bad. It's like a trial of spirit. How much do you really want to be a doctor? Are you sure? Are you really sure? It's bordering on ridiculous. And when you combine it with the fact that payroll has not paid me correctly in 3 months, and has not been paying overtime correctly to most junior doctors in Qld (don't hear THAT on the news) and it sounds like a lot of heartburn.

Add to the fact that the Possum's birthday is when I'm doing nightshift and my anniversary is in the middle of TWELVE shifts in a row, without a break or weekend, and arghhhh.

Think I might write something to distract me.

btw do you like the random forays into fiction? Tell me if you do or not. I'm always open to suggestion!


Sarah said...

Oh my goodness - twelve shifts in a row is just evil! Why do they do that. I'm sure they don't need to.

The random forays into fiction are great.

Averil said...

Jenn, every post is very much appreciated, I'd read anything you wrote!

Are you hiring your muse out? Because I'd pay anything to be as inspired and INSPIRING as you are with your writing right now. Especially given the workload you have, the home life you have, the time constraints you have.

*deepens into a richer shade of green envy*

xx Ave

Anonymous said...


Kirsten said...

Anything! I'll read anything on your blog!


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