Sunday, 8 August 2010


Ever have that sixth sense that someone wants to talk to you? That there's just something that you've forgotten or need to talk about or that someone just really needs you? I felt it acutely yesterday, and to a lesser extent today. And then there was a sense of it just drifting away - as if whatever it was, was just letting go. Unsettling and strange.

It crept up the back of my spine, along the paraspinal muscles and tickling along dermatomes as it reached higher and higher, causing the fine muscles beneath the skin to prickle. Warm but insistent against the back of my neck, pressing into my cheek until I could feel breath against my earlobe, but when I turned no one was there.

I have been on holidays since 1pm this afternoon and I'm going to catch up with as many friends as I feel up to in the next week. I am tired of the disconnect I am feeling from life. My work life has caught up now, and my family life is doing pretty well. So it's the me part of my life that is getting priority in the next few weeks along with Bingley, who has been sorely missed.

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