Monday, 2 August 2010

Signs you need a holiday

  • You have a cold sore on your lip for the first time in 10 years
  • You don't recognise that you're getting a cold sore so rub and bite the spot where it's forming, leading to pain, dear God, paaaaain and a lip so uniformly swollen it looks like it's been injected with collagen
  • You have bitten your fingernails to the point where several are bleeding
  • You have trichotillomania
  • You are underpaid $1200 in a single fortnight and wonder if you can be arsed organising sorting it out
  • You finish a 12 hour shift (that was meant to be 7 hours) and take 10 minutes to decide if you will catch a cab home (taking 12 minutes) or catch public transport (taking 71 minutes)
  • You fall asleep in said cab, resulting in a much more expensive cab ride than intended while the cab driver frantically tries to wake you up
  • You start crying in the middle of an iPhone ad
  • You start crying when the piece of cake that you've just cut crumbles when you try and transfer it to a plate
  • You realise that you forgot to claim around $1000 in deductions on your tax return and you just can't be arsed

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