Friday, 6 August 2010


I was going to write something deep and meaningful but I've just had 3 vodkas and am a weeeeee bit tipsy. Which is pretty embarrassing considering I used to be unstoppable after a full jug of the stuff.

My fingers are warm and slurry and my mouth tastes like sizzling duck regular order from the local Chinese takeaway mixed with sweet mixer and mouth taste.

The sky is very black outside. It feels satiny under my fingertips.

I walked into work today and as I click clacked my way to the lifts in silly heels I was suddenly approached by a little woman who hugged me around my waist and kissed my cheeks and said thank you. She had been a patient a little while ago and it's the first time someone has actually really said thank you. It made me teary.

I was in theatre today and was told I'd make a good surgeon. I think my internal smile kept the whole frigid room warm. It's nice to feel brimming with potential again. I like that other people see potential in me.

1 comment:

Averil said...

You wrote this under the influence?!?!?

Damn you're talented Jenn.


xx Avey


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