Saturday, 18 September 2010


I had been taking daily photos of my zucchini plants, so amazed was I at their lightning growth and newborn leaves. I would come home from work and water them gently, and mist the teensy broccoli plants which were just starting to get their 4th leaves. Until this morning when the possums decided that they'd make a tasty snack. I'm heartbroken, I hate that most of them will now die because they don't have enough leaf left to provide energy. And I hate that I didn't put a cover over them, considering my history with possums.

Luckily my tomatoes are safe, and even have some bright green fruit still on them, but I'm paranoid. I know that the possums are only doing what comes naturally, but I still wish they'd do it elsewhere, or at the very least stop being so gluttinous. If they only ate some of the leaves then there'd be more for them to eat than wholesale destruction. I hate seeing baby plants which I've nurtured wither and die.

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