Sunday, 5 September 2010

Que sera

I have a friend who I went to school with and with whom contact is now pretty much limited to facebook. I'm not sure how much we have in common any more, now that we're no longer in the running together for Dux, but I cannot delete her as she is living one of those dreams we had at highschool. Still single, she is working around the world, Copenhagen one weekend, Cambridge the next, and posting her pictures for the rest of us to enjoy with her.

I devour these albums, filled not, as per many friends, with many drunken pub photos or self posed myspace angle photos. These are landscapes and architecture. A wall of moss in Denmark or a tree in Venice. Flowers in window boxes. They make me want to cry at times and others they make me want to make that happen. Whatever that is which would allow me to run off by myself and see them.

They make me think and want to learn. I look at some pictures and will research the location for hours. The sights, the language, whatever it is about that particular set of pictures that has inspired me.

Today it has been the soaring ceilings of King's College Cathedral at Cambridge.

There is no steel reinforcement holding that up. It is only those perfectly cut stones, aligned with mathematical precision to form an elegant interlacing skeleton that allows the roof to soar. Gothic perpendicular architecture at its best.

I want so much to travel. I wish that I could pack up right now and head off, and in my wistful dreams I do. But then I am woken at 5:30am on Father's Day by the 3 very special reasons why I can't and I'm very glad for the internet, and google, and friends like Claire who keep that hunger burning in me, that I will see them yet one day.

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