Sunday, 19 September 2010

Rainbow cake

Are you against sugar? Diabetic perhaps? Do your children never have lollies, cake, biscuits, chips, artificial colourings and only ever drink organic moon water? This is possibly not the post for you, I recommend clicking away right about... now.

Still here? Then lets have a look at the antithesis of all of the above should we?

She had a lot of fun.


alliecat said...

Cake looks devine! I'd never get all the alyers the same size like that!

Hope she had a fantastic day, the photos are gorgeous.

Pundelina said...

OMG you made the rainbow cake!! I blogged about my desire to make that cake aaaaggggges ago but haven't found the will to do it yet - was it worth all the shenanigans?? It certainly looks deliciously lovely and yummy. As do all the rest of the birthday treats.

Happy birthday to little Sophie - the years go so fast don't they.

Averil said...

Oh Jenn - that cake is FANTASTIC!!!!! Oh man, I'm nearly biting my tongue off in jealousy here!!! I was going to make one for my little Rainbow's birthday in a few months, but now after seeing how well you've done it...ugh, maybe I'll wimp out. Ha ha haaaaa!

Brilliant brilliant job!!!

I love the outfit the Monkey is wearing - the navy & red is divine!! Fab accessories and those shoes!!!!

Eye-candy post Jenn.

xxx Avey

Nina said...

That cake is the best cake EVER!!!

Jodie said...

Can you please cater my next child party? I have been very sneaky not to let my girls see those cake photos otherwise I'll never hear the end of how they want one!

Anonymous said...

Goodness, that cake is stupendous! Well done you.


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