Monday, 8 November 2010

The astronomer

I want to redesign my blog template, but as a Libran am paralysed by the indecision of choice. I hate unbalanced blogs and though I love the pretty blogs with lots to look at, which I appreciate most are the blogs with writing and if there are vast vats of text I prefer simple and uncluttered. It's like I'm after the balinese pagoda of blogs. Simple, elegant, relaxing and conducive for writing.

But I want something more personal, more me. Plain navy is part of my personality, but so are splashes of red. And light and dark. I don't like the way that the text box is too thin for the page, and I want to play with fonts. But again indecision. I'm sure that what will actually happen is I will have a spurt of determination and then you'll all be lumped with something irritating until I change it back.

*vaguely distracted by Beauty and the Geek "makeover" sneak peak on tv*

I had something meaningful I wanted to write about tonight but instead I'm distracted by crap tv and seriously cringeworthy crap tv at that (I am absolutely not watching ladette to lady).

*segue does Channel 9 have any other programming aside from Two and a Half Men?*

I want to write about reading, and to read about writing at the moment. I am going through an introspective phase and the need to isolate and create is very strong. Luckily this coincides nicely with my upcoming work trip and a part of me is getting really excited at getting to just be me, and not having to do the mundane bits of life for a little while.

I'm going to read my Emily books and I'm going to lie in the silence some nights and love the fact taht it is silent. I'm going to listen to the wind and play with her, and feel myself as part of the air.

And some nights I will curl up into a little ball, and wonder at the coolness of the sheets next to me, instead of warmth, and I will lie awake and wish for arms to hold me instead of the pile of books by the bed. And I know that occasionally I will revel in my aloneness, while others I will make bargains with the gods to make it all over soon.

And some days I'll just do what I'm doing now, which is crash out on the couch having only half undressed from work clothes and watch terrible tv after having eaten half a bowl of baked beans for dinner and look forward to dreams.

(Like Harry Potter comes out in 10 days!)


Anonymous said...

After setting up a totally new website (which crashed first go) for my blog, I feel your pain. But go ahead and do it, you won't regret it!

Pundelina said...

I too have been dallying with a redesign. But its oh-so-hard to choose what to do!

(And Beauty and the Geek is terribly intriguing.)

Where are you off to on your trip?


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