Thursday, 11 November 2010


The weather is warmer, so I'm well into my usual routine of getting waxed every 3 weeks or so, and because of my timetable I've been going into one of the walk in centres at my local shops. They're cheap too, which has always got me coming back, as compared to the place that I used to go to regularly, where to get my usual therapist required booking a month in advance and paying twice as much for the privilege.

Usually I've had pretty OK results from the walk in place. The atmosphere is crap and the products aren't quite as good, but in the end I've come out relatively hairless and if I've needed rewaxing in 3 weeks instead of 4 thanks to hair breakage then oh well. I've not been game enough to have my brazilian waxing there, because being quite the sensitive area, and having had bad experiences in ithe past, I'm lot completely au fait with just waltzing in and taking whichever 18 year old is on for the day.

Which I'm grateful for, considering I'm now clenching a block of ice between my thighs to stop the bleeding 10cm bruise on my sensitive inner thigh from aching quite so much.

When it comes to tipping hot green liquid over your sensitive skin - it pays to have someone who you trust. Otherwise... ouch.


Nina said...

Ouch. Totally agree! I was going to a chepaer place but ended up being turned off by the lack of hygiene and competency.

Have you looked into permanent hair removal? I had a patch test for Variable Pulse Laser (VPL) a month ago and am having my first full session for brazillian and underarms later in November. Bit more expensive than a wax but better value over the long term.

mental mosaic said...

I had a bad waxing experience last summer - ouch and a half!


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