Thursday, 21 April 2011


I was effusively happy today. Ebullient. Infectiously cheerful... I drove to work in the sunrise and the warmth saturated my skin just as I was waking up. It felt so good to be warm and warmed. Wrapped in my purple coat and surrounded by periwinkle sky.

My mind was dancing today, little flashes of colour and idea and promise fluttering around me all day. When I am happy it feels as if all that is joyful in my life gambols around me, dancing in swathes of light that make all of me light. I bounce when I am happy, almost unconsciously. My hair, my eyes, my toes. And I love that my Pixie Possum does as well.

When the Possum sees me in the afternoons, it is mere seconds before I am earnestly slammed into with a full body hug. He is now a writhing mass of little muscles and pudgy toddler belly, but his delighted afternoon baby cuddles cheer me up the second I walk up the stairs. Not that I needed cheering tonight, as all of me was alive as I pushed through the front gate. Elated and excited. Happy and satiated.

It felt all day as if little butterflies were buffeting me, each with a message; brief, beautiful and luminescent. I felt as if all things were possible indeed as if all things were necessary. I felt for the first time in such a long time that every part of me was happy. From the tip of my fingers to the tip of my nose that the Possum kissed as I bundled him up into a mammoth hug.

Nothing could touch my happiness. Nothing could marr it. No work task was unwanted, no raised eyebrow able to taint what for some reason was just a beautiful day. I felt the Gleam today, it came and played with me, flashed about in a showy rainbow everytime I tried to concentrate on work and laughed that I had ever doubted. My fingers itched for a pencil or coal and canvas and I had to remind myself not to sing aloud, as the Gleam called me over the margin.

I read the Monkey her story tonight and when she hugged me, her curls over her eyes and her stretched out limbs wrapped around me she told me she loved me and that I seemed happy tonight. And I was.

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Melissa said...

This is one of my favourite posts ever! What do you suppose, is making you feel so good right now? I'm happy for you.

Those end of the day hugs, worth living for.


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