Friday, 15 April 2011

Wedding Poly Dolly

Wedding Dresses

Absolutely nothing like what I wore on my wedding day, but what I wish that I had. Somewhere on a mountain top, with a bright red cloak when it got cold, and only those who needed to be there. 

Wedding Dresses by Jenniphil featuring vintage dresses
Vintage dress
$1,400 -
Badgley Mischka leather pumps
$245 -
Jon Richard butterfly jewelry
10 GBP -
Jewelled Crystal Tiara
50 GBP -


Ames said...

I love it! That dress is divine.

Melissa *Suger Coat It* said...

Ooooo. I can imagine the red orange tones of Autumn and the crisp eveing air. it's beautiful.

Melissa said...

Could this dress be more perfect to meet Mr Bingley in?

Averil said...



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