Friday, 27 May 2011

Travel Dolly

Planes are all about the comfy for me. If I'm going on a long haul flight then it will be cold, cramped and noisy. I want soft and comfortable, and although I'd love to be the tailored blazer and immaculate hair type, being able to curl up in my seat is much more important. Inevitably I will be wearing jeans, because they're warm and easy, and my new Sz 11 jag jeans are just the right side of worn in and stretchy without being saggy.

I love hoodies, and something fitted but warm in grey is pretty much perfect. My hair will be guaranteed to be in a messy braid with bits falling out everywhere (not in the cute intentional way) and creases on my cheek. I might have some great flats to walk onto the plane, or around the terminal while in transit, but once we're in the air those suckers are kicked under the seat in front of me and out come the socks. Big thick fuzzy ones that let my feet breathe, stop them swelling and keep me toasty warm.

Trashy books and magazines are an absolute must. I want to watch the crappest of crap TV with my earbuds comfortably in my ears, and when the movie finishes some chicklit of the extreme "chick" end of the "lit" is absolutely needed.

I am a huge fan of pashminas. You can wrap them around you as a blanket, you can wind them into a gorgeous scarf, you can bunch them up into a pillow and they take hardly any room at all. In fact usually I pack two, one for warmth, one for pretty. But realistically, I can do without the pretty.

Toothbrush and toothpaste ALWAYS. As well as deodorant and cleanser. Recylced air and being in the same clothes for 29 hours means that you want your best dehydrating antiperspirant. And I cannot sleep with fury teeth, and with the ultra dry airplane air, they get an extra velour texture if you forget.

Underwear selection is important too - comfortable, natural fibres, but never beige, and never boring unless you want to leave them on the plane. They should also be chosen so that if you are the lucky one who has to walk off with the nice lady and her whacking stick to the little cubicle you don't mind showing them off. Can you imagine doing that in granny undies? No siree.

And then for me, the two final most important things are a notebook and a pen, because I will want to write, and usually at some bizarre time when all the cabin lights are out and someone two rows in front is snoring. And there's nothing more frustrating then being desperate to record something and having no instruments to do so.

So that's Polly for this week, and hopefully, an almost exact representation of me come October.

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Kirsty said...

Great idea packing magazines!!


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