Sunday, 19 June 2011

Day 19, Something orange

Today is supposed to be orange, but I went to the mountains today and played in the forest, so it will be trees instead. I don't feel remotely guilty about cheating either. Such is my all encompassing love of trees.

Driving up the mountain through the trees

Blue skies and bare branches, sprigs of wattle everywhere

Giggling in the sunsplashed clearings
Into the forest

Luminous green

Exquisite trees whispering to eachother

Mossy boulders to jump between

A botannic garden on the edge of the forest

The only orange I saw were the flowering cycads, of which I've forgotten to upload a photo
Strange hairy palms with Mandelbrot branches

Strangler fig

Standing at the top of a fig tree, 30m above the forest floor gazing out

Climbing the rocks

Finding the sunlight

Breathing the blue mist off the mountains


Averil said...

The perfect day - how glorious!!

Nina said...

Hey Jenn, missed your pics this week - hope you're ok and just really busy... Nina x


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