Thursday, 2 June 2011

Day 2, What I wore today

Day 2 and already forgot to take a photo. Luckily I have one from the week before, and no-one will ever know! The subterfuge, it kills me. Wearing to work, on a cold grumpy morning... Tommy Hilfiger striped work shirt in pale blue, my favourite big cream scarf and my Size 11 jeans. I know it's vanity sizing but I don't care. They're Sz 11, and that's all that matters ;)

I have also got in the habit of taking photos of my outfit (or forcing the much protesting Bingley to take them for me) so that I can see if an outfit "works" or not. I also have these photos in their own separate folder so that I can actually think up new combinations of my clothes and come up with outfits that I will likethat will work on my unhappily non-standard figure. Now if this sounds both ridiculously narcissistic AND frivolous AND scarily nerdy at the same time, then I would completely agree. It is all of those things, but it makes me very happy. And I will put up with the frivolous, narcisistic nerd label, if it means that I now have a wardrobe of well fitting, confidence boosting clothes.

Like these

And yes, of course I was twirling in the last two. What else are you going to do with a 3 layered chiffon pettiskirt and corset?


Melissa said...

Is that first one a Leona Edmiston? I LOVE the trench, but you knew that.

And how did I know you'd post the famous corset & pettiskirt. :D Delicious.

Jenn said...

No, it's Claude d'Albans, but half my dresses are Leona, I have serious self control issues when it comes to her dresses. They are currently 25-75% off though Liss, if you were thinknig of trying some on ;)

Kirsten said...

Oh, WOW! All beautiful, but the corset and petti is very special. Killer curves!

Cylie said...

Love them all...oh wait, I was with you or at least at the other end of the mms for most of the purchases (insert massive grin here!)


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