Thursday, 18 August 2011

Polly's Underthings

Polly's Underthings

Polly's Underthings by jenniphil featuring christian louboutin shoes

I wear matching lingerie every day.  Not just for dress ups. Not just when I'm wearing my favourite black lace dress which is a little bit like that one above. I have a drawer (or accurately two) full of beautiful sets in every colour of the rainbow. Every colour except beige. I have almost the exact set above, and I wear it when I feel like it. To work. To the shops... No one knows, it's just for me, and just by pulling it out of my drawer and laying it out on my dark red quilt in the morning, it's a boost. 

I wear matching underwear every day. Even when I'm lazing around in my jeans and hoodie. The fetish starting the first time I bought a matching set from Target. It was cheap and shoddily made, but it was so pretty. And I loved the matching. It settled over me in a deep comfy feeling of rightness the first time I pulled a dress over the top of a matching set that no one ever got to see. 

I love the way it can instantly improve my mood, the way that my posture straightens and the way that I feel wearing it. I have a lot of good quality stuff these days, no more Target (they don't really stock E cups) and I look after it carefully. I love the history of lingerie and I love the power that it holds and exudes. 

I love that when I wear my outfit almost identical to the above - except my dress isn't D&G and my stilettos don't have shiny red soles - that I instantly feel taller. I love the way I feel instantly confident. I have owned the dress for at least 5 years and the underwear gets worn to work as often as not, but the feel of lace against my skin makes my cheeks warm and my eyes sparkle.  

Dressing from the skin out is a feeling of luxury, even when it's not expensive. I have collected my pieces and my corsets, and my pettiskirts, and while I'm not dancing burlesque every evening when I come home from work, I love that whenever I feel like it, I can feel wanton and sexy even if I'm just lazing around in front of my computer.  

And Bingley quite likes it too. 


Talitha said...

What a great post, and so true. I love that when I am wearing something sexy and I know it, makes me feel so much better about myself. Then again it's been while since I dusted off my garter belt haha.

I love this set!

Suzi said...

I came across your thoughts through another's blog. I couldnt resist when you said you were going to Paris. I understand your compelling feeling completely. I had it too and still do. I couldnt wait to visit the city that somehow had me captivated. Some things leave me feeling disappointed when they come to being - seeing Paris for the First time ( as an adult) didn't. It met every one of my expectations.
I hope you have a wonderful time with your Husband. There are so many wonderful things to do. You must be bursting out of your skin with ideas.
One of my key pieces of advice would be - to at least one day - throw away the guide book and just live in Paris. I did this for 2 weeks last visit and loved every moment.


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