Friday, 7 October 2011

Leaving, on a jet plane...

I might have mentioned, just once, or maybe twice, that for my 30th birthday in exactly one week and one day, that I wanted to be in Paris. I have always wanted to go, in a completely irrational, illogical, soul pulling way, but that indescribable pull has been strong in recent years. I want to be there sure, but part of me needs to be there. Playing monument bingo and eating macarons along the Seine. And turning 30 seemed such the perfect punctuation mark. Such a good reason. Bingley has never been to Europe and we will both be 30 at the same time.

I have been planning this trip whimsically for years; little ideas stored neatly and some haphazardly. Then a few months ago, after the squee inducing moment of purchasing flights, came the completely overwhelming and magical feeling of looking at apartments and hotels and not only dreaming, but choosing. Of getting to decide where I will wake up on the first morning of my forth decade. I had a tatty 2c exercise book from Kmart that I scribbled in ideas, and addresses and webpages. I doodled little pictures of croissants and glasses of red wine as I methodically and then often chaotically looked up places to go and visit and see. Recording faithfully details like opening hours and secret entrances. Because those sorts of things are important.

I would ambush Bingley, after we'd tackled the children and squished them in bed, about what did he want to see, and do? Where did he want to visit? And he would look at the manic glint in my eye and shrug and smile and tell me he didn't care. Which was both infuriating and perfect, because I got to pick all of it. Then tell him occasionally of the treats he had in store. Printing off receipts and stapling them into my little exercise book. More pencilled in thoughts and suggestions.

I would come home from work sometimes, after 8pm, on a day I'd left home before 7am, and would crash on the couch, open a webpage of castles in the Loire valley and would feel my pulse jump and my whole body tingle, because we. are. going. there. I booked a castle to stay in for a few nights, probably in a cupboard, but I don't care, because I. am. going. to. sleep. in. a. CASTLE.

Every hour of bone crunching overtime I endured because it was more money to go see some of the things I've dreamed of for so long. It's like Disneyland for adults except I'm replacing overpriced Hot Dogs for foie gras.

And then I came home last night, tired after work, with a waxing appointment and hairdressing appointment to squeeze in, and just wanted to sleep. I couldn't think about Paris and Loire and all the other best bits. I could just think about sleeping, because I had hit the absolute wall. And as I drifted off to sleep, curled up under the blankets with a slightly sniffly nose, Bingley bounced on the bed, stroked my hair and reminded me that I have no more work for a whole month. A WHOLE MONTH. And tomorrow my friends, I am getting on a plane, for that trip that we booked 6 months ago, and I am so excited I can barely breathe.

And because I'm quite possibly the luckiest not quite 30 year old in the world, today we also pick up our brand new car. A shiny, red, European designed and built, proper grown-up car. With leather seats and more gadgets than you can poke a stick at. And three zillion airbags (I counted) and a partridge in a pear tree.

26.5 hours until take-off!!


PinkPatentMaryJanes said...

Bliss, bliss, bliss. Enjoy it, oh enjoy it. My love for Paris is extraordinary - and sounds like you're in love with it too. Wander around savouring this glorious city - and please, share your stories with us. Happy birthday x

Chantel said...

Have the most amazing time! Paris is one of those cities you can just lose yourself in. You don't have to 'do' anything, you can just 'be'. Enjoy every minute, Bon voyage xx

Melissa said...

I am beyond excited for you. Please take eleventy billion photos and then come back and blog it all (or blog from there? I doubt it). I'm living vicariously through you, I'll probably never see Paris. See some (tiny part) of it for me.

And have the most wonderful, magical, romantic, dream-fullfilling SAFE time. Enjoy every moment. Just BE with Bingley. You two have earned it.

cjtato said...

Have an absolutely amazing time! And Happy Birthday to you!!!

cjtato said...

PS. Love the car!!!

Nina said...

Living the dream!!!

Have a brilliant time, Jenn. I hope you find some time to blog!


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