Monday, 13 February 2012

Sunshine under rain

The second week has been easier. I no longer feel as in the way. Or so stupid. I no longer feel like this was a big mistake. I still feel like a fraud and it still seems unbelievable that this hasn't been figured out and that I've been sent home in disgrace, but I've got some spice back, and I would fight back if they did. I may not be that clever, learned, industrious person right now. But I will be some day.

As I drove home this afternoon it was bucketing with rain. Big splashy swathes of Summer rain that ran down the windows and smelled delicious. The sun was setting behind the mountains and just as I neared home it burst from underneath the clouds and made each sparkling drop golden. I was smiling uncontrollably, happy and wondering if anything in life could be more beautiful when the sky above me forked with lightning while a rainbow shimmered in a full double arc across the sky.

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