Monday, 16 April 2012


The polish lasted 20 hours. So a new record. Scratching the polish off like superglue from fingers is oddly hypnotic. And I still haven't bitten them today. My toes are still pretty.

I went for my 6 weekly wax appointment this morning and the wax was too hot. My thigh has a red blotch on it that curves upwards and across the softest part. It doesn't hurt any more but the redness remains.

I tried to study today. I opened all my books, I laid out my favourite pens. And then I just sat there. Blankly. For probably an hour. I read 14 words in an e-mail and all rational thought deserted me. My pen trembled in my fingers so I put it down. Bit my lip.

Then I shakily wrote a few words about the azygos vein. Which means "no pair". The irony stung just a little bit.

Panic, it is all encompassing. But my legs are soft and smooth and I still have twinkly toes. And I sent a gift today, to someone who means a lot to me. And I have to remember that the sun will keep on rising and falling whether I fail anatomy or not.

Bonus points if you pick up all the labelling errors (to be fair I did it at 3am).  

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