Thursday, 24 May 2007


Daddy's Girl
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03/05/2007, 09:00 AM
All day, for all hours that she is awake, the Monkey sings a cute little song, that get less cute as the day wears on. "DaaDaaaaa DA-da DaaAAda Dada Dada Dada..."What about me?? I whinge, in a very Shannon Nollish way. Me!!Your ever present Mummy? Why won't you sing to me? But the cheeky Monkey just grins her delighted grin and goes back to singing her Daddy song. The only time we hear an approximation of Mama is in the wee sma's when before ramping up to a cry we hear a plaintive Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaarm eminate from her room as she demands to be picked up and cuddled into my belly while she feeds. Now that the weather is cool I love feeding her in bed - belly to belly, hands cradling my breast reverently but firmly in case I so much as move an inch. It is so tempting to let her stay in with me, but from experience if I don't put her in her own bed not much sleeping happens for either of us. But those magical half hours snuggled together against thet cold are the best bits of being a Mum. Those secret saccharine sweet memories that push me through the bad days. We are speeding towards the end of my tenure as SAHM at the moment, and I am feeling moments of chest clutching panic that life is not going to be this lazy paced, Summer warm ride any more. As the Monkey piles on milestone after milestone (have I mentioned she's pulling up to stand, and steps if you hold her hands??) the idea of missing things makes me unbearably sad. The Elfling loves daycare, and even as a small baby, always preferred to be in the company of lots of people (preferably children) so I never really felt qualms about it. But the Monkey, while she does love other people, loves ME best. Even with her Dada song, she still want me. Wants to hold my hands to stand, wants to cuddle in my arms, wants to pat my boobs as she feeds. And that's so gratifying and so so something that I can't even describe.Oh I forgot to update on the CCing progress. Well, there is nothing to report really after that first night we have settled into a lovely pattern of 4hrly feeds overnight and I'm stoked and she's happy and there is no crying. So it's all win win. I know that technically the CCing thing is to make babies sleep all night, but it was never my intention. I just wanted her to sleep when she was tired instead of screaming. And now she does that and life feels good again!

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