Thursday, 24 May 2007


May weigh in
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07/05/2007, 12:15 PM
Going with the first Monday of each month as a weigh in. Figure I can remember that. I am not very hopeful at all for this month. With the not sleeping thing I didn't go to the gym very much and I certainly didn't give a damn what I ate (ice cream featured heavily). I just hope I didn't actually put any weight ON. OK Black for start, Purple for last time and Blue for this time (any differences in red)Age 25.2, 25.5, 25.6Height 170cmWeight 78 kg, 77, 76 -1Current BMI 27, 26.65, 26.3 (still overweight)Waist Measurement 89cm, 86.5, 85 -1.5Hip Measurement (#1 at level of iliac spine/#2 at iliac crest) 110/115cm, 104.5/111 , 105/107 +0.5/-4Arm Circumference L 32cm, 33.5, 33 R 32cm, 33.5, 34 -0.5/+0.5Leg Circumference L 59cm, 58 , 56.5 R 59cm, 58, 56.5 -2.5/-2.5Bust Measurement 118cm, 111, 107 -4Total weight loss 2kg (1kg)Total centimetres lost 33cm (14cm) So, unspectacular and not guaranteed to get me 15 minutes of fame in the Women's Weekly, but still pretty impressive considering. I wish the weight would come off faster even considering the centimetres thing. I mean I know my clothes are fitting better/getting looser but weight is such an easy thing to measure. My waist measurement has always been in the healthy weight range (ie <89cm) href="" target="_blank">Brazilian Beauty (look I said I liked pain ) so that I can go swimming more.The major reason I know this is taking so long is the BFing (I thought it was meant to help you lose weight??) seems to make me hang onto food like the fate of the world depends on it. The lack of sleep also does very bad things for my metabolism. It's slightly depressing, but at the same time, BFing is completely worth it, and it's for such a short time. I'm just impatient is all.

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