Thursday, 24 May 2007

Fine Line Between Pleasure and Pain

BodyPump and BodyBalance last night. My legs hate me, they are threatening to run away (but they're too sore to get away hahahah).

I have stopped eating dinner, eating a handful of frozen berries (sweet, lots of fibre, packed with antioxidants) if I feel the need to have something in my mouth. It is frightening how much I like the sensation of being hungry. I remember being addicted to that gnawing pain once upon a time. Hopefully I can stick with it long enough to actually lose the purulent lard.

Exciting news from today/last night is that the Monkey slept until 4am!! Then it took a while to convince her to go back to sleep (ie much boob was consumed) before she slept in til 7:30am. Ahhh bliss.

Only downside is that this morning she has woken up with what looks very much like slap cheek. So off to the Dr with us today.

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