Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Status Report

Home again with the vesuvian Monkey sitting around in my pyjamas trying to remember exactly what I did all day when I was at home, and how come I didn't watch daytime television because it is FABULOUS. The Ab King Pro! The Magic Skin Solution!!! The battle of the "we're concerned about you and we're all going to sit around on the couch because we are All Good Friends (so please watch US!!!)" morning TV shows. Just excellent. Even if I didn't have to stay home with the grumpy one, it's been good to have an enforced time out day because I am or was wrecked. Went to sleep before 10pm last night and when I finally crawled out this morning at 7am I was still tired. It's the hardest thing about being "back" and chasing the gleam, it's the fact that my lazy arse is just not quite there yet.

It's just so full on and busy. Complete culture shock. If it was a culture. Or something. I don't know!

One of the nicest things is the contact with other people. People at work, people on the bus, friends who are organising a study group, other friends that are desperate for procrastination. All these people in my life that have crawled out of the woodwork now that I'm actually putting myself out there again. My weekends are now scheduled into my diary along with my tutes and theatre sessions and PBLs and gym sessions.

And I'm heaps happier now. More confident, more outgoing, more crackle and pop. I think one of the major things of that too is having to get dressed every day in nice clothes, instead of slobbing around. Slobbing really does affect your self esteem. Especially if you do it for too long. Now speaking of slobbing I had best get out of my pyjamas before midday, and the *ahem* "lounge room" is looking more like the Municipal Dump so I had best get moving. But yay for having the momentum to actually move!!


Kisses said...

Look Love I know you're busy but I'd like to put a request in for an entry devoted to "Spring". After all Spring has sprung! Get a wriggle on!

Jenn said...

lol I HAVE been remiss. Shall jump to it :D


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